Is Costco Vital Proteins Different – A Complete Guide!

Is Costco Vital Proteins Different

When consuming vital proteins, Costco Vital proteins might feel different from other supplements. It can also affect you in a different way than others. You might wonder what the reason behind this is.

So, is Costco vital proteins different?

Costco vital protein uses different ingredients than other collagen supplements. Most of the vital proteins use hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. These ingredients can have allergic reactions in a lot of people people. Costco vital proteins don’t use any of this. So it’s a good solution for them.

That was a glimpse of the whole article. If you to know the difference between vital proteins, this article should be helpful to you.

What are Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides?

Is Costco Vital Proteins Different

Vital proteins are a kind of supplement that is used for multiple reasons. It’s a popular power-based supplement designed for healthy bones and joints. There are said to be other benefits of this product. 

Collagen is the main ingredient in this product. It’s a vital building block that strengthens our body including our skin, hair, and nails. Our bodies naturally generate collagen while we are young.

However, as we age, our collagen production diminishes. Using this product can improve our health in many ways. It can help us to improve our hair, skin, and nails quite quickly. 

For a lot of elderly citizens, this can be very beneficial. When we get old, sometimes our body doesn’t produce enough nutrients. A supplement like this can fix the issue.

How to Consume It?

How to Consume It

You might wonder how to use vital proteins collagen peptides. This product is normally consumed by mixing it with something. You can mix it with your coffee or smoothie. It dissolves in warm water very easily. 

It can also be combined with other meals such as oatmeal, yogurt, or pudding. If you are mixing it with something cold, it’s better to use a blender. If not, it might congeal with cold beverages. There are also multiple protein recipes that you can try out with this product.

  • Taste

There are multiple flavors for this product. If you have a favorite flavor, you can select it from a list of options.

If you are looking for an unflavored one, there’s still an option for you. They have unflavoured ones which will easily dissolve with the food. This may be convenient for many folks.

  • Price

Compared to a lot of supplements, vital proteins are a bit pricey. But most of the vital proteins are in a similar price range. 

How Are Costco Vital Proteins Different?

How Are Costco Vital Proteins Different

Costco Vital Proteins are a little different from collagen peptides when it comes to the ingredients. Most of these supplements normally have Vitamin C with a certain amount of collagen.

Then there is also Hyaluronic Acid. You might think does Costco vital proteins have hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C are the difference between Costco vitals proteins and other supplements. 

Costco vital proteins don’t contain any amount of Hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C.  

On the other hand, most supplements contain a decent amount of Hyaluronic acid and VItamin C. Our cells normally produce Hyaluronic Acid to balance out the moisture levels. With age, this production decreases.

Vitamin C on the other hand, helps our body form the blood vessels and muscle tissues. Unlike hyaluronic acid, our body doesn’t produce any Vitamin C. So because of this, a lot of supplements contain both Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. 

This supplement also contains creatine. Creatine is commonly used by athletes to increase muscle power and endurance. While taking creatine, you might wonder if lumpy creatine is bad. It also can be found in seafood as well as red meat. But it’s found in much lower concentrations than in supplements.

What are Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Reviews?

What are Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Reviews

Collagen is the most beneficial product within these supplements. Around 20, our body starts to decrease the production of collagen. So with age, our body becomes less efficient at this. This is one of the main reasons that Collagen Peptides can be beneficial to us.

Another factor is that many individuals do not consume collagen-rich foods. It can lead to a lack of collagen within the human body. Collagen reinforces our skin, bone, and joint tissues. With collagen deficiency, our body can get significantly weaker.

Key Benefits

There are several ways we can be benefitted from using these supplements. The most common benefits of daily collagen usage are 

  • Glowing skin
  • Youthful appearance, 
  • Joint health  
  • Bone strength 

Most of these benefits won’t be noticeable instantly. It takes some time to completely understand the benefits of Vital Proteins. These outcomes and dates may differ from person to person.

We looked at vital proteins collagen peptides before and after reviews. For most people, this product has been very useful. It normally takes 6 weeks to start seeing the results. To fully feel the results, it normally takes from 3 to 4 months.

When it comes to hair and nails, the product is quite useful. Most people have seen an instant reaction when it comes to the mentioned cases. Within only 6 weeks, a user saw improvement in her hair. Her hair became smoother altogether.

Her nails also became stronger than before. Any kind of nail-related problem went away. Even with long nails, no problems arose for the user.

There are also non-beauty benefits of vital proteins. It can keep you energized for the whole morning with only one scoop. It can also help your digestive system. 

Many ailments are attributable to irritation and inflammation caused by an unhealthy stomach. Vital proteins strengthen cell walls, resulting in a more secure gastrointestinal system.

You may want to try some more supplements along with the vital proteins that are good for you. 

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LONGEVITY ACTIVATORThis supplement can keep the body younger at the cellular level. It will give you youthful skin, pain-free joints, and a sharper brain.
FOLIFORTThis supplement is highly effective for hair growth.
GOLDEN REVIVE +This supplement has an all-natural solution for stiff joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.


Why do People Use Vital Proteins?

Different types of collagen supplements are available in the market. But the Vital Proteins collagen is the most popular, widely used, and discussed. People adore them for the following reasons:

  • They don’t use any amount of fillers in their powder.
  • The powders are checked for microbiological components and heavy metals.
  • The containers are completely sealed shut and moisture-free.
  • These vital proteins are gluten-free.
  • All of the products come from natural food sources.

What are the Side Effects of Vital Proteins?

What are the Side Effects of Vital Proteins

Although this product helped a lot of people, it didn’t react to everyone the same way. So you might wonder about vital proteins collagen peptides side effects. 

Many people switch to vital proteins from steroids. It is never easy to stop using steroids. So you may be wondering if a 20-week steroid cycle is excessive.

By using vital proteins, a user of this product got benefitted in a negative way. After adding this to her diet, her skin broke out within days. When she removed it, her skin cleared up again.

This product contains a lot of ingredients. So it’s hard to pinpoint the reason behind this side effect. Another side effect of this product is gastrointestinal. A lot of people suffer from diarrhea, heartburn, and constipation because of this. 

So it’s better to consume vital proteins in a limited amount in the beginning. And if you don’t notice results in three to four months, it’s best to stop.


  • Among Marine or bovine collagen, which one is better?

Marine collagen outperforms bovine collagen when it comes to quality and sustainability. It can aid you in many ways. This can help your joints, as well as skin concerns. Anti-aging, bone health, and other ailments can also be fixed by this. They both can aid in the healing of your gut lining.

  • Do you put on weight as a result of collagen?

Collagen does not contribute to weight gain. Collagen will not allow you to erupt with massive muscular gains in the gym. As a result, you will not gain any muscle, and apart from assisting you in muscular growth. As a result, nothing in a collagen supplement will cause you to gain weight.

  • Does it matter what type of collagen you consume?

To put it another way, collagen peptides particularly stimulate collagen formation in joint tissues. It only matters when you consume Type II undenatured or Matrix collagen expressly for joints. If not, the type(s) of collagen you consume is irrelevant.

  • Does collagen help with belly fat?

Collagen liquid is fantastic for assisting in the reduction of abdominal fat. Collagen has been shown to have a variety of impacts on the body. It includes an increase in metabolism. It also prevents snacking by keeping us fuller for longer and burning off abdominal fat.

  • Can too much collagen cause hair loss?

No, it does not. There is no danger if the user eats the amount of collagen suggested by the doctor. Collagen may also be used externally. However, if the individual is allergic to it, the collagen may create negative effects.


Now you know the answer to is Costco Vitals Proteins different. Most vital proteins function in a similar manner. The ingredients in Costco Vital Proteins, on the other hand, set it apart from the competition.

Just remember to consume only the necessary amount of vital proteins. Hope this article was able to answer your questions.

Have a good day!

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