Is it Too Late to Start Bodybuilding? Know the Correct Answer

Most of us often get demotivated to start bodybuilding when we think about our age. All the self doubts and anxieties pile on us when we think about it. 

The question keeps popping up at the back of our head.

Is it too late to start bodybuilding?

It’s never too late to start bodybuilding regardless of one’s age and physique. Yes, it does get hard after a certain age. But with diligence, strict routine, and great workrate, one can still bodybuild. It’s important to pick one’s exercises according to age. 

That’s not all. There’s a lot more remaining of this topic that needs to be unveiled. Take a few minutes to read this article to learn more about bodybuilding age.

Let’s proceed!

Is It Too Late to Start Bodybuilding?

No, it is never too late to start bodybuilding. You can always start bodybuilding at any age. But you must have proper knowledge on the matter.

If you are a healthy person, it is easy to bodybuild. You only need to have a perfect diet chart. And you need to do some effective exercise.

Bodybuilding is a very sensitive task as it depends on a lot of factors. The age factor is the most important. There some specific things to while starting strength training for bodybuilding. 

Age Factor When Bodybuilding

There is no perfect age for bodybuilding. Anyone can start it at his or her present age. But different ages have unique steps to follow. 

Let’s talk briefly about bodybuilding according to your age. You can easily find out a way to build your body.

Under 15 Years Old

If you are under 15 you should not lift high weights. You should not do high-calorie burn exercises. Like squats, and deadlifts, and should not carry a heavyweight.

You should follow the easy exercise. You should not take so much pressure and should not be very conscious about bodybuilding.

Between 15-30 year

If you are in this age range, it will be easier to build your body than at other ages. People of this age range are more interested in bodybuilding. 

20-30 years old are more suitable for bodybuilding. But teens should not follow the adult training guidelines. 20-30 years can follow the same category of training. These are the best years for including bodybuilding supplements and such. 

Between 20 to 30 people get full growth. Testosterone level is high in this age range. Testosterone helps to grow the tissue. As the level is high, it will support bodybuilding.

Under 15 you should not lift more weight. Rather you can do push ups, squats, and tuck in. 2-30 years can do heavy exercise. Squat, deadlift, pull over, chest incline press, shoulders lateral raises, dumbbell biceps rise will go according to your age. You can also lift heavy weights.

Between 30-50 year

Testosterone starts to decrease after 30. It decreases by 1% every year. So after 30, it is a little difficult to bodybuild then the perfect age. Difficulties increase according to age.

But you can still bodybuild. Your body will permit you to do that. But you should strictly maintain the rules. You should go under a proper schedule. 

Muscles are slowly increasing. So you should be patient while Bodybuilding. Sleep, exercise, and diet are quite different.

You should not follow a heavy workout. You can do cardio, squat, lift heavy weight, push ups. But you should take breaks between these exercise.

 You should sleep properly for at least 8 hours. Intake 8-10 glasses of water. Also, follow a balanced diet.

Between 50-60 year

You have a low level of testosterone at this age. At this age, people lose lean muscle mass. Also, people are not so energetic and active at this age.

For this reason, adhering to small and attainable goals are important. 

The focus should be on boosting your strength. You should improve your diet and quality of life. You should maintain your weight. 

Besides, you should not try to do heavy exercise. You should avoid heavy lift weighting, cardio. You should slowly increase the weights of dumbbells. Also you can go for free hand exercises.

You should be more patient. Slowly but you can reach your target.

Age Above 60

Bodybuilding is not common for most of this age. But that does not mean that you can not. You can also get your desired body.

People lose muscle mass at this age. You should first consult with a doctor. Then you should schedule daily exercise and food habits. 

You should have a proper diet chart. Because in this age, many foods which were helpful in adulthood may cause risk. It is because you are now at an age when you have the most sensible body and are easily affected by the disease.

The most important thing, if you are working out then you should have a professional trainer. He can easily advise you. Because he knows which exercises are suitable for which age.

7 Important Factors That Will Help in Bodybuilding 

You now clearly know that you can go on the way to bodybuilding at any age. Butyou also must follow  some other important factors to reach your desired physique. 

For that, you need to follow: 

Proper Diet

A properly balanced diet is the key to a healthy body at every age. But different ages demands different types and quantity of food. In the case of bodybuilding, the diet plan is quite different from a normal diet.

Growing children demand more food. Also, it includes all types of fat, vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates. The adult demands lean protein, essential fat, and others but in a calculated way. 

Aged people have many dietary restrictions. They should avoid fat, and restrictions in consuming more calories.

For bodybuilding, your diet plan will change. It’ll include fewer calories, more dietary fibers, and more lean fat and seeds. Also, your diet chart will form according to your BMI.

Cutting &  Building

During bodybuilding, you have to face certain phages like cutting and building. Building means to bulk or increases your body. Cutting means cutting off extra fat from your body.

Your diet plan also changes according to these two phases. You should eat more during the building phase. Also, you should eat less food during the cutting phase.


It is important to be disciplined with your food, with your workout and also with your sleep. Also incase of drinking water. If you show negligence in your daily routine, it will hamper your goal quickly. A trainer also will not take care of you if you are not disciplined.


We know that exercise also varies. Age, and gender also in the case of bodybuilding will not be similar to others. You should take suggestions from a professional bodybuilder. He can advise which exercise suits you more.

Sound Sleep

Nowadays people are not aware of sound sleep. Most people prefer to take loads over sleep. Sound sleep means 6-8 hours of sleep at night.

We often see how many people, mostly working people do not take care of this. A sound sleep means sound health. So you might understand that if you are taking a load on your body, you need proper rest and sleep. Otherwise, you will show the side effects.

Secrets to Increase Metabolism

Metabolism decreases with your age. It depends on metabolic active muscle mass. If you can hold metabolic active muscle then it will increase your metabolism. It will help in bodybuilding.

The metabolic active muscle begins to decrease in proportion to your age growth. If the metabolic active muscle mass decreases then the inactive fat also increases.

Every 1 pound metabolic active muscle increases 5 times more resting metabolic rate. So it will help your bodybuilding if you can increase metabolic active muscle mass.


Last but not the least, determination is the ultimate key  to your success. If you are not determined enough, you won’t make it through all the way. So it will only waste your time, money, and energy. 

Bodybuilding is a slow process. You should be determined and be patient until you achieve your goal.


What is a good age to start bodybuilding?

The best time to start bodybuilding is in your early twenties.. At this age all are highly energetic. The testosterone level is high and the metabolic rate is perfect. So it’s easy to build your body quickly and easily at this age. 

At what age is it harder to gain muscle?

After 30, it gets harder to gain muscle. Most of the active muscle mass starts to decrease after this age. Around 3% to 5% of muscle mass diminishes every 10 years after 30.

Which muscle is hardest to build?

The obliques, calves, forearm, triceps and lower stomach are the areas that are hardest to build. Fat deposition in these areas is more, Also, it is hard to burn the fat in these areas.


Hope you find out your answer if it is too late to start bodybuilding. We have tried to explain the easiest way.

Lastly, our advice, if you are suffering from any vital disease you should not go on this way. Rather you can go for a fit body.

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