Is Janoshik Testing Legit? – Find Out the Truth Now!

Janoshik is a steroid testing lab that has been around for a good amount of time. 

If you have been looking for HGH tests then you must have seen Janoshik pop up. 

But due to word on the street you are wondering is Janoshik testing legit?

Yes, Janoshik testing is legit. Janoshik testing has been a topic of controversy. This happened due to negative claims made by some people in the past. Despite these negative claims, they offer different tests with refund policies. Janoshik even provides lab reports after refund if it is available.

We have answered all your queries that you may have regarding Janoshik testing’s trustworthiness. So you do not have to worry about the legitimacy of doing a Janoshik test.

Without further due, let’s jump right in!

Why People Skeptical About Janoshik Tests Authenticity?

Why People Skeptical About Janoshik Tests Authenticity

Janoshik steroid testing has been a controversial topic for some time now. This started as a result of some errors made by the lab previously. 

Keep reading to find out why people are doubtful of Janoshik testing.

HGH testing is basically checking the levels of different hormones to determine any deficiency.

You can know about the use of ugl steroid and its levels of it from HGH testing.

Janoshik had been accused of faking tests in the past. Many people have formerly sent in samples for testing HGH in the Janoshiks lab.  

When they got their test results they turned out to be not accurate. Some people even sent in the identical sample to a different lab.  

But Janoshik testing showed a different result than other labs. This made Janoshik lab testing to be unreliable to many people.

Janoshik test report lost its reputation when it gave results full of errors to some people. 

Many people reported that their lab reports have been wrongly tested. Or their samples were not received properly to the labs. 

There were a few instances of people receiving lab results that grabbed everyone’s attention. These people claimed that their samples did not even make it to the Janoshik Lab. 

Yet they still got sent the wrong and made-up lab results.

All of these incidents lead to people not believing in Janoshik’s testing results anymore.

The Janoshik Controversy

The Janoshik Controversy

Janoshik testings authenticity could not be attested by many as it is not situated in America. 

In addition to that, there is not enough information on its website to prove its legitimacy. 

This led to everyone jumping on the Janoshik test hate bandwagon. There is still a lot of scepticism around whether Janoshik is legit or not. 

The only major issue regarding Janoshik being unreliable came from their HGH tests. 

Some anabolic labs compared their HGH results with the same samples given to Janoshiks lab. They claimed that their results were not the same. 

These labs alluded to Janoshik testing being undependable, as they found some errors.

But all of this comes down to people claiming that their specific sample had errors. None of these controversies was proven by any legal authority.

This led to a giant uncertainty around Janoshik’s testing results being accurate. Many people believed what they saw on the internet without confirming anything.

Janoshik has spoken up for all of these controversies. They acknowledged that they have had some issues in the past. 

These issues included customs not shipping the samples or mixing them up. This has led to some false lab reports made by the Janoshik lab. 

So, Janoshik has addressed all of their mistakes and rumors. They are still trying to recover their lost reputation caused by all of these controversies.

So, Is Janoshik Testing Actually Legit?

is janoshik testing legit

Yes, Janoshik testing is legit. 

Despite the controversies, Janoshik is a great testing lab which many people still swear by.

SymBiotics is another lab that came out with reports that were identical to Janoshiks lab reports. They tested out the authenticity of Janshioks lab results by checking the same sample themselves. 

These results turned out to be very similar to each other. 

Janoshik has been known for blindly distinguishing samples without any prior information.

There are claims made by many people saying Janoshik testing results came out accurate for them. This was for both labeled and unlabeled samples sent into Janoshiks analytical lab

Janoshik has also been around for a very long time. This can also be another reason why you can rely on the Janoshik test results.

Due to the controversy, Janoshik has already gone through many repercussions. But at the end of the day, Janoshik made some errors just like everyone else.

Janoshik has repeatedly tried to redeem themselves from their previous mistakes. 

In addition to that, Janoshik has a reputation for doing numerous blind tests for many years. These results are all known to be accurate.

Also, Janoshik does AAS tests as well. These tests have been taken into consideration by the results of other labs. 

The results of Janoshik have been set side by side with Simec and Analyzer’s results.

These results have all matched with Janoshiks results. 

So, it is safe to say that Janoshik is a very legitimate testing lab.

What did Janoshik Do to Become Legitimate

What did Janoshik Do to Become Legitimate

After Janoshik’s controversy he has tried to redeem himself in every aspect.

Janoshik has become a licensed laboratory in the Czech Republic. Janoshik has also been very responsive to their customers who send in their samples.

Janoshik testing costs around 145 euros for an RP-HPLC which determines the levels of HGH. This even measures the purity of the sample as well. The use of HGH in our bodies can be tracked through testing. 

HGH testing can estimate growth hormones that are in your blood sample.

If you are facing weight gain issues due to hormones, we have just the right product for you. 

PURALEANThis supplement tackles the root cause of obesity and detoxifies your body. It can remove foreign pollution that has been disrupting our hormone balance.

For 200 euros Janoshik offers an SEC-HPLC along with the RP-HPLC. This test measures the same results as RP-HPLC. 

But along with that this also provides the proportion of dimer present in the sample. 

Janoshik labs have a full refund policy for customers whose samples fail to reach the labs. They provide full refunds for samples they do not test on as well.

A full refund gets processed when the sample doesn’t reach the labs or is tested in 28 days.

After receiving samples Janoshik provides a full refund if they fail to respond to the customer’s queries. 

Janoshik refunds for not answering the customer requests or queries in the next 30 days. 

These refund policies ensure that the customer gets proper reports of the samples they sent in. 

Even after issuing a refund policy Janoshik provides results if they are available for the customer.

Janoshiks reputation has been known for many years among its customers. Although the controversies tarnished their reputation slightly. 

Janoshik has constantly tried to reclaim its grounds by offering the most through its testing. 

Should You Choose Janoshik Testing?

Should You Choose Janoshik Testing

By now it is up to you whether you want to trust Janoshik for testing or not. 

Janoshik has been a favourite among many of its users which gives them a high ground. For HGH or peptide test from a trustworthy lab, you can undoubtedly go for Janoshik. 

As there are not many labs that provide peptide tests. Janoshik can be a safe choice for that sector of testing as well. 

Janoshik is legit for lab testing steroids as they have a solid reputation for several years.

But if you are still confused about which lab to pick for testing do not worry. We have a few suggestions for you to get your HGH testing results reliably.

These labs all provide HGH testing kits that you can use without any hassle.

Here are our top 3 labs where you can do HGH and other tests.

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SimecCheck Price
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ELISA TestCheck Price



  • How Much Does Steroid Testing Cost?

A steroid test usually costs around 300 dollars per test. An anabolic steroid urine test can start up from around 200 dollars to 400 dollars. This testing measures the levels of epitestosterone and testosterone. Urine anabolic steroid testing can even show a T/E ratio as the prices go up.

  • How Is HGH Testing Done?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone testing is done by doing a blood test. Health care professionals perform this test by injecting arginine into your veins. Arginine is an amino acid which can increase the amount of HGH in your bloodstream. The levels of the pituitary are then estimated which reacts to the HGH.

  • How Can I Test For Growth Hormone Deficiency?

You can test for growth hormone deficiency by doing a GH stimulation test. This is done by taking a little amount of your blood for testing. Growth hormone deficiency can also be detected by examining your levels of hormones. Doctors usually examine the levels of thyroid, testosterone and estrogen.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that we cleared your confusion on “Is Janoshik Testing Legit

Janoshik tests provide an accurate result at an attractive cost. If we look past all the controversies, Janoshik is a legit testing lab. 

Plus, they offer refund policies too, so you can try their services without worrying.

That’s all about Janoshik testing. We wish you all the best!

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