Is Ramen Considered Clear Liquid Diet? – Explained!

Doctors or dietitians often suggest a clear liquid diet to patients with stomach issues. But it isn’t common knowledge about what goes inside a clear liquid diet. 

So, in this article, we will go over what can be included in a clear liquid diet. And check if ramen can be included in it.

Now, is ramen considered clear liquid diet?

As a matter of fact, no. Ramen is a solid food with broth in it. A clear liquid diet strictly maintains liquid foods for nutrition. This means any solid food that comes with ramen goes against the rules of this diet. So, things like noodles, meat, eggs, veggies, etc all are excluded from this diet.

So, now we will go into detail on what the clear liquid diet is. And then explain why ramen can’t be in it. 

What Goes In A Clear Liquid Diet?

What can you eat on a clear liquid diet? Before we get to this answer we must first know what the diet is. Patients who are experiencing stomach issues may benefit from a clear liquid diet.  

The clear liquid diet is a supplementary method of dieting that is recommended by medical professionals. In many scenarios, it is also suggested by dietitians. 

In the event of a diabetes emergency, this is also administered to the patient. Additionally, it is provided to patients as they emerge from surgical procedures. Or, for patients who need to have clear liquid before surgery

Patients follow a clear liquid diet when they have been instructed for it. They cannot eat anything that requires chewing when recovering. Or, it’s possible that they have difficulty digesting hearty foods. 

In this case, their metabolism requires that they be given the barest amount of calories possible. These calories are primarily in the form of sugar and water. This is because it helps to maintain the liquid body ratio. 

It also helps with the body fat percentage and the carb requirement. As the patients might be in a deficit of the main nutrients. While we talk about this diet, we would like to recommend some good commercially available health supplements.

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This is mainly a medically advised diet. Because of this, and as was said previously, the clear liquid diet gets liquid foods in it. The majority of the clear liquid diet calories are from sugar, salts, and water. 

Therefore, the medical saline solutions in their many forms are included in the clear liquid diet. The diet also allows for consuming any and all sorts of fizzy or carbonated beverages. 

It could be any brand of carbonated beverage. This also applies to the majority of other juices. None of the juices included in this diet can contain any pulp in any form. 

So if you ask, is apple juice a clear liquid? The answer would be a resounding yes.

So what soups can you eat on a clear liquid diet? Various soups are included in the definition of a clear liquid diet provided by medical practitioners. However, none of these soups should contain any kind of meat. 

It must also not include any solid vegetables either. Additionally, it is imperative that any and all other solid food things be avoided. The taste of the soups should be relatively mild. 

Or to put it another way, they should not be spicy. This is according to the recommendations of many dietitians. You need to also ensure consuming clear liquid diet food that’s filling

So, these are the main food items that can be included in the clear liquid diet.

What Goes In Ramen?

It is known that noodles and broth form the primary components of the dish called ramen. And this dish of ramen is traditionally prepared in Japan. Noodles are typically included in a dish of traditional ramen. 

And so is beef or chicken stock. So, one may ask, is chicken stock a clear liquid? Yes but not if any solids are added to it.

In addition to that, it has meat. In addition to that, it includes a variety of fresh vegetables. Eggs are typically a part of the package as well. And, it is well-known for having a broth that is richly seasoned. And an abundance of spices is added.

A typical ramen dish may come with a variety of sauces combined together. It is possible for it to contain varieties of proteins such as mushrooms, lobster, fish, etc. This varies depending on the recipe. 

The combination of all of these different kinds of ingredients in a dish is abundant in carbohydrates. Moreover, it contains an abundance of proteins and fats. So, it is a dish consisting of a wide variety of essential nutrients that your body needs.

So, now we also know what goes inside a typical bowl of ramen. We can see why a typical bowl of ramen is not a clear liquid diet. 

Why Ramen Is Not A Part Of The Diet?

The only types of food allowed on the clear liquid diet are liquids. Or those that can be consumed in liquid form. As we have discussed previously these have to mainly be based on water and sugar. 

In order for food to be taken into consideration for inclusion in this diet. It must satisfy each of these prerequisites. In addition, each of the standards has to be met. This is for the meal to be considered appropriate to be included in this diet plan. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about each component. We will talk about all of the items that go into a standard serving of ramen. And we will see which ingredients are not appropriate for this diet. 

We will now see why a bowl of ramen is not acceptable for a clear liquid diet.


One of the two primary components that make up the entire ramen dish is the noodle. The noodle dish in ramen is essentially covered in a protein broth throughout its entirety. 

For a food item to qualify for inclusion in the clear liquid diet, it needs liquid. To elaborate, it needs to be liquid during the whole consumption process. 

The noodles in ramen are in a solid form. So, the dish cannot be included in the clear liquid diet plan in this particular circumstance.

Meat Or Protein

The meat or other types of protein are added to ramen. All of them are also important components of the dish. As ramen is a complicated meal that features a variety of distinct flavors. 

Ramen usually contains varieties of proteins when preparing it. . And this is usually done according to long-standing customs. Beef and pork are examples of this protein. 

Even if it’s not very common, chicken is another option. Duck meat is considered to be one of the most well-liked options in Japan. 

However, the clear liquid diet does not permit the consumption of any kind of meat. As was just explained, the dish ought to be composed entirely of liquid.

Although it is permitted to be dense it cant be hard. Clear liquid diet followers are not permitted to eat food that can be chewed.

Eggs and Veggies

There is the first requirement for something to qualify for inclusion in this diet. It is for it to be in liquid form. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to assert that foods such as eggs are not permitted here. 

A clear liquid diet is a diet consisting solely of clear liquids. Usually, a high amount of sugar is consumed in this diet which means high-calorie intake. Therefore, substances such as consuming sugar or caffeine are better suited. 

Although some individuals have concerns with caffeine. However, solid foods such as vegetables and eggs are not an option at all. If the eggs are cooked until they are smooth and creamy like custard, they can be ingested. Or you can make it like in eggnog.

So, now you know why ramen is not considered a clear liquid diet.


Is the liquid used to make ramen clear?

Clear liquids are defined as those that maintain their transparency at room temperature. It ranges from approximately 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This category contains items such as hard sweets, broths, ices, gelatin, and clear fluids.

Before I have my colonoscopy, is it okay for me to drink Top Ramen broth?

The day before you are scheduled to undergo the operation, you are free to consume solid foods. You got that right. To get ready for a colonoscopy, you do not have to dehydrate yourself. Don’t start drinking anything but clear liquids like broth. You can just eat normally before surgery.

What soups can you consume on a clear liquid diet?

You can have soups using bouillon as the base. Soups are permitted including clear broths made from beef, poultry, or vegetables. Vegetable soup that has been strained and then pureed is another fantastic option. 


Now, we hope you know about is ramen considered a clear liquid diet. We have done our part in informing you of the proper system. The rest is up to you. 

And we hope that we were helpful to you with this article.

We wish you all the best and till next time, farewell!

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