Is Tiger Balm Good for Shin Splints- Let’s Find Out!

Is Tiger Balm Good for Shin Splints

Have you ever returned after an exercise with a painful sensation? Or that your shins are on fire? You might have shin splints. 

Most people occasionally desire an excuse to postpone exercising. But shin splints are the last thing you want. If you’re suffering from it, then you should use a balm as a treatment.

To know which one to use, people generally go online. When you search about it, you get Tiger balm names a lot.

The question now arises, is tiger balm good for shin splints? 

Yes, it is good for shin splints. Tiger Balm is one of the most effective medicines to ease shin splints. It can also cure mild muscle aches, pains, and strains immediately. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes to provide pain relief. And you are good to start running again in no time.

Let’s learn more about this balm.

Is Tiger Balm Good For Shin Splints?

Is Tiger Balm Good for Shin Splints

Medical experts mostly recommend tiger Balm if you have severe shin splints. If you are worried about how to get rid of shin splints overnight, this is your answer. 

The thing is, getting rid of pain overnight is a dream. And when the pain of the shin splits, everyone wants a quick recovery. This is where Tiger balm comes in.

Tiger Balm is used for immediate pain relief for lower leg pain, joint pain, and other aches. The product can also help with swollen or sore muscles. But how?

As an analgesic, it works by numbing the skin. But that’s not it. 

Camphor and other ingredients in the balm enhance blood flow to the skin’s surface. It generates a warming sensation that might help to distract from pain and stiffness. Plus, this blood circulation in the muscles lowers inflammation and speeds up recovery time.

Research has already been concluded on it which has proven the effective results of tiger balm.

Nine adults in a short 2014 study applied tiger balm. It enhanced blood flow to their skin and muscles. Other ingredients in Tiger Balm act as analgesics. For example, methyl salicylate can numb the skin and alleviate soreness and pains. 

Capsicum, the active component in chilli peppers, is included in several Tiger Balm varieties. It inhibits the transmission of pain impulses through nerve receptors. This results in a warm sensation that helps reduce the severity of muscle aches and strains. 

In addition, Camphor and essential oils are also added to Tiger balm. These have been proved to aid with various pains, including arthritis, cancer, and intestinal issues. So, Tiger balm is an effective solution for how to get rid of shin splints fast

Tiger balm is easily accessible with a prescription or over-the-counter. The firm claimed to sell more than 20 million bottles each year. They also serve customers in more than 70 countries. They are entirely safe because all of the components are natural.

Wait. There is more.

Tiger Balm sticky patches may be the most effective for muscle pains and strains. How? Because the active components are released gradually over time. You may ask yourself, is tiger balm good for leg pain? Or, if you have soreness in your legs or shins, then try applying Tiger balm. 

Now, let’s move on to the next most asked question.

Which Tiger Balm Is More Effective- Red Or White?

Which Tiger Balm Is More Effective- Red Or White

When searching for tiger balm, you must have come across two types. These are red tiger balm and white tiger balm. But how would you know which one is better for your shin splints? Let’s find out.

1. Red Tiger Balm

Red Extra Strength Tiger Balm is like a blessing as it does the following: 

  • Reduces muscular aches and pains
  • Relaxes tired muscles
  • Promotes blood circulation in arthritic joints
  • Warms muscles before activity, and 
  • Relieves soreness after exercise thanks to its cinnamon scent.

For the most severe sprains and extensive muscle tissue injury, it provides deep penetrating pain relief. The red analgesic balm rests on the skin’s surface and gets slowly absorbed. This provides continuous and constant pain relief to the affected regions when applied freely.

2. White Tiger Balm

White Regular Strength Tiger Balm contains more mint oil than a red balm. Thus, it is cooler (and less warming) than its nemesis. 

It’s great for releasing muscular tension after a workout. When massaged into sensitive areas, the white balm is non-staining and quickly absorbed by the skin.

So, which one is the winner?

Well, both have their own benefits if you use them correctly. So, make sure your medicine cabinet has both the Red and White Tiger Balms!

Here is a really good product that you can use to relieve minor pains in your body. 

Arctic BlastThis supplement is a pain-relieving drop that increases blood circulation to treat minor aches and pains.

How Should I Use Tiger Balm?

How Should I Use Tiger Balm

To begin, always adhere to the instructions on the label or as prescribed by your physician. Any usage instructions that come with your drug should be carefully read and followed. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about tiger balm. Moreover, before and after using this medicine, wash your hands.

Here are some pointers on how to use tiger balm.

This medication is only for external use and should not be consumed. Proceed with caution when applying to open sores, sunburn, windburned, dried, or irritated skin. If you get tiger balm in your mouth or eyes, rinse it off with water.

For the first time, apply to a small patch of skin. Then, examine how your skin reacts to the ointment. 

Moreover, it’s not a good idea to put a bandage on the treated skin. Also, don’t expose it to heat from a hot tub, hot water bottle, or sauna.

Important Note: If you’re still in pain, or if it goes away for a few days and then reappears, consult your doctor.

Are There Other Benefits Of Tiger Balm?

Are There Other Benefits Of Tiger Balm

Now we know that tiger balm is the best option to cure shin splints. But you will be amazed to know its other benefits as follows.

  • Helps with Sinus

Ingredients in Tiger Balm may aid to reduce sinus and chest congestion.

Camphor in tiger balm is a cough suppressant and nasal decongestant. Menthol may help to relieve stuffy noses by soothing irritated nasal airways. 

  • Tip 

Look for Tiger Balm without cough-inducing components like capsicum and clove oil. Such balm is good for congestion or other cold symptoms. 

  • Reduces Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a result of squatting too much. Tiger Balm is widely used to treat back pain, particularly discomfort in the lower back. 

A study was conducted in which some people utilize Tiger Balm’s components to test them. They used it before or after undergoing alternative back pain treatments. Many patients after gua sha therapy reported less pain and better health. However, more research is needed to determine whether the active substances boosted the therapy’s effectiveness.

  • Joint Pain

Many people utilize tiger balm to relieve aches and pains caused by osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes joint discomfort by causing bones to lose density and become fragile over time.

A 2012 research of 2,679 patients with osteoarthritic knee joint discomfort discovered something amazing. The 352 of the patients who utilized rubs like Tiger Balm got relief from the pain. Tiger Balm’s medicinal compounds may numb the area and reduce swelling. However, researchers aren’t sure why it helps relieve joint pain. Still, it works!

But not everything is perfect about Tiger balm. It also has a dark side. 

When Not To Use Tiger Balm?

When Not To Use Tiger Balm

Tiger balm is very effective in treating lower back pain. But avoids using it if you experience the following situation:

  • 1 hour before or 30 minutes after being in a hot, humid environment. For example, before or after a hot shower, playing in a sauna, or hot pool
  • It should not be used on broken skin or open wounds. Moreover, don’t apply to irritated, inflamed, reddish, or dry skin.
  • Tiger balm should not be used on mucous membranes. These are in the mouth, nose, or inner ears.
  • It should never be used on skin that has previously been warmed (e.g heated pads).

If you have never used Tiger Balm previously, apply with care. A small amount should be tested on the forearm first. Then wait a full day to see how it reacts. Most of the time it will be safe to use. But still, making sure in the beginning can save you from a lot of trouble.


  • What is the best pain reliever for shin splints?

Tiger balm is the best medicine to cure shin splints and there is absolutely no doubt about it. But if it’s not available in your region, try nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. These medications can be used to relieve the pain of shin splints.

  • What helps shin splints fast?

To relieve pain, use ointments such as tiger balm, paracetamol or ibuprofen. For up to 20 minutes, apply an ice pack (or a cold pack of vegetables) to your shin with a napkin every 2 to 3 hours. While you’re resting, switch to a light workout like yoga or swimming.

  • Is it okay to massage shin splints?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to massage shin splints but do it gently. The reason is that shin splints are frequently associated with the deep muscles of the lower leg. Thus, remedial massage, myotherapy, or progressive muscle relaxation is preferable over soft stretches.

Final Thoughts

So now you know all about is tiger balm good for shin splints? 

It is recommended by many doctors and professionals to treat shin splints with tiger balm. It is made up of all-natural ingredients that are clinically proven. It is effective to deal with any type of pain. 

So, apply tiger balm on the shin splints and start running like an athlete in no time.  

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