Why Is Levemir Not Lowering Blood Sugar? – Answered!

Is your blood sugar level high? Even after injecting Levemir the blood sugar is not lowering. It is entirely okay to get nervous and panic in this situation.

And it made you wonder why Levemir not lowering blood sugar.

Firstly, over time your body might become insulin resistant. It is due to the huge usage of insulin in your body. Then it would stop responding to insulin even if you inject it. Also, hyperglycemia and not injecting enough are other reasons for insulin not functioning properly. 

But it is only a short description of the whole process. There are more reasons yet to be explained. You have to read it thoroughly to know why it happens and what are the alternatives. 

A lot of questions and so many things have been answered.

So, keep digging!

Why Is Levemir Not Lowering Blood Sugar?

As we already know insulin is the factor that lowers blood sugar. The hormones in your pancreas secrete insulin. Cells in your body stop responding to insulin as they should after a certain period. This situation is known as insulin resistance.

It is mostly genetically run throughout the family. There is barely any cure to this. One has to deal with it throughout their whole life. 

Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar is also one of the reasons why insulin does not work. In both cases, the body fails to function properly. As it is unable to utilize insulin to dismantle glucose. It leads to not being able to lower the blood sugar as it was supposed to.

Even if you inject artificial insulin, still the outcome is same. That is they are unable to lower the blood sugar of the body.

Another reason can be injecting it into the same place all the time. Which can create a scar on that place. Which might result in your body not being able to absorb the hormones as it should.

Lastly, one can take and inject less Levemir than was needed. Then it wouldn’t be enough to lower the blood sugar.

How Much Levemir Is Needed To Lower Blood Sugar?

As we already mentioned, Levemir works to lower blood sugar. But one should know the dosage of Levemir while using it. There are two types of diabetes, each one has a different level.

For Type 1 Diabetes

If you are starting to use insulin to lower your glucose level. Then you should fill only one-third of the insulin requirement with Levemir. The other should be filled with mealtime insulin from time to time. 

For the ones who are switching from other types of long-acting insulin to Levemir. They should take a similar dosage level for both of them. 

For Type 2 Diabetes

According to research, people with this have to use insulin to keep their glucose in check. Their dose level of Levemir is around 0.1 to 0.2 units/kg of your whole body weight. 

Preferable time of taking it is in the evening. According to doctors, it is better to take it once per day. But you can also divide it and take it twice per day. 

It is also similar to type 1 diabetes when switching from some other insulin to Levemir. That you should keep the dosage at the same level.

We have to maintain the dosage level cautiously. Overdoses can lead to liver enzyme derangement and persistent hypoglycemia. Also can cause neurological damage and electrolyte abnormalities. 

The mortality is around 2.7% after overdosing for the patients with the Glasgow coma scale.

How Long Does It Take To Lower Blood Sugar?

Per unit, Levemir decreases the blood sugar on average by 50mg/dl. It varies from person to person and the range is between 30-10mg/dl. 

As we already mentioned that Levemir is a long-acting insulin. Which means it starts within a couple of hours after injecting. It reaches the peak concentration within the first 6 hours. It can even keep its peak concentration in your blood for up to 24 hours.

If you divide the dosage into two doses, it will be better. As it will keep the blood sugar consistent throughout the day.

What Happens When It Isn’t Able To Lower Blood Sugar?

As we already mentioned why the blood sugar level might not decrease. If this happens then it might lead to some severe health diseases. 

When the pancreas keeps on producing more insulin to control high blood sugar levels. But it doesn’t affect the glucose level in any way. This is known as hyperinsulinemia. 

As long as your body responds to insulin, the glucose level will stay in a healthy range. But when it fails to do so, it leads to higher blood glucose levels. That is known as hyperglycemia. Over time it results in type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. 

It also causes a few more other conditions to the body. This includes-

  • Obesity
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Cardiovascular disease

Therefore, we need to control our sugar levels as soon as possible. As these could result in severe consequences and even death. 

To avoid these, we have to keep track of the sugar level as frequently as possible. To do so we can use either ReliOn Prime or Premier. As they are currently the best glucose meter on the market. 

How To Prevent High Blood Sugar?

As we already discussed the serious consequences of high blood sugar. It is mandatory to find alternatives to lower the glucose level. They are-


By doing it regularly, it will work like medicine on its own. As it will help the insulin to work much better and effectively in the body. Also, it will remove the extra sugar and extra weight from your body. 


Having a healthy diet and food chart helps you to keep your blood sugar in range. It also helps to keep your weight in check. Talking to a dietitian and making a chart according to your body will help the process. 

Some doctors even suggest eating orzo in preventing diabetes. As they help the body with the necessary ingredients to lower blood sugar.

Stress Control

It is better to relax both mentally and physically. Stressing about something can block your body from releasing insulin. It would lead to glucose piling up in your body. And after a while, it would start causing health issues.

Insulin Increase

It is better to take insulin on a regular and consistent basis. Also, you have to take it at the right amount as the prescription. It is better to increase the dose slowly. It would help keep the sugar level at a manageable state. 


There are a few medicines recommended by doctors to effectively deal with this situation. Those medicines are given below-

Ultra Omega BurnIt helps reduce the effect of insulin resistance and decreases blood sugar
Blood Balance Advanced FormulaIt helps to manage both the blood sugar levels and blood pressure
GlucofreezeIt helps to keep blood sugar at a healthy level. 
Gluco Shield ProIt helps to maintain your blood sugar level at a healthy level.
Frontline DiabetesIt prevents and fights against diabetes. It also helps in lowering blood sugar. 
MellitoxIt helps to lower the blood sugar level. At the same time, it also helps to escape from debilitating diseases.
GlucofortIt helps to support the blood sugar level of your body. 

If one can follow these things, they will be able to keep their glucose in check. It is better to prevent it before becomes a serious problem.


What Are The Things One Should Avoid While Taking Levemir?

As it lowers the blood sugar of your body. One shouldn’t try to use any machinery nor even try to drive. They should never come near any alcoholic product. Lastly, one should check the label before injecting.

Where Should You Inject Your Insulin?

The abdomen is preferable as it absorbs more quickly and is easier to reach. The place should be between the public area and the bottom ribs. Also, it should be cleared about 2 inches surrounding the naval.

Is It Safe to Inject Insulin Without Eating?

There is a risk of doing it. Rapid-acting insulin can lower blood sugar to a very dangerous level. It would happen only if you take it without eating. For this reason, one should always check their blood sugar level before injecting.


Hope now you know why Levemir not lowering blood sugar.

One should monitor their sugar level from time to time. It is better to go to a doctor and ask for solutions rather than taking Levemir. Overdosing also has some serious consequences. 

Therefore, it is better to control it with natural remedies. Such as diet, relaxation, and exercise.

Have a healthy life!

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