Everything You Need to Know About Mixing Two Pre-workouts!

Mixing Two Pre-workouts

Mixing two pre-workouts looks like a good idea in the beginning. But several factors control the results. Numerous people have experienced them. Even though some people had expected results, some had to face many side effects. 

So, is it okay for mixing two pre-workouts?

No, you shouldn’t mix two pre-workouts. You can get too much caffeine by mixing them. When it comes to pre-workout, caffeine is necessary. But too much caffeine has side effects too. Also, some pre-workouts have similar ingredients in them causing you to overdose. But you can mix pump(Creatine) with pre-workouts.

So far we have only explored the brief in this discussion. Learn all about creatine and pre-workouts along with all the benefits it serves in our article. 

Let’s get started!

Why Shouldn’t You Mix Two Pre-Workouts?

Caffeine, Beta-alanine, BCAA, and B vitamins are common ingredients in typical pre-workouts. These ingredients are really good for extra strength in a workout. But having more than necessary of these will lead to side effects.

If you mix two pre-workouts, you’re most likely to overdose on any ingredient. Too much caffeine leads to anxiety, shakiness, and Insomnia. 

In some cases, it also causes a fast heart rate, dehydration, and anxiety. Beta-alanine can cause headaches and dizziness.

Let’s have a look at the side effects of too much pre-workout.

Side Effect 1: Addiction

There is a high chance to become addicted to pre-workouts. There are many regular users of pre-workouts. A lot of people feel taking a pre-workout will ensure a good workout and so they feel obligated to take it.

There are stimulants in pre-workouts that stimulate our bodies. People just like stimulants and it’s easy to get addicted to them. 

A good and intense example of a stimulant is cocaine. But when people get its addiction, it starts to destroy healthy lives. However, pre-workouts like caffeine and other stimulants are not comparatively that intense. 

But it does produce a good feeling and energy and people start their addiction due to these two factors. The pre-workouts become risky when people start having too much of it. 

Side Effect 2: Health Issues

You can possibly get sick from taking too much pre-workout.  A human can get sick in diverse ways that may include a bad product, or even – a bad company. Another relevant reason may include taking too much of the pre-workout. There are high chances it can make men really sick.

The ingredients might not suit your body or your genetics. They don’t react well with some ingredients.

Some pre-workouts may have weight loss ingredients mixed up in them. These types of pre-workouts generally allow the user to have a thermogenic feeling. It is the best way anyone can mess up their health and body when they are not used to these types of toxic ingredients.

Having high amounts of caffeine can also cause a stroke. Highly likely, one can even die from a stroke caused by too much caffeine in the system. We can see a lot of similar cases in our surroundings. So, before taking any final decisions about starting on it, it is a smart idea to consult a physician. 

Side Effect 3: Losing Control ad Getting Injured

Using a lot of pe workouts can really mess your brain up. There are high chances that diverse doses of caffeine are entering the system.

For instance, a normal pre-workout may contain 350mg of caffeine and two additional scoops in the pre-existing pre-workout add up to 700mg of caffeine. It usually equals 7 cups of coffee.  

You can freak out of anxiety, feel aggressive, and lose control over your body. You can get reckless in a workout and potentially injure yourselves. 

Losing Control ad Getting Injured
Weight loss, conceptual illustration.

Creatine vs. Pre-Workout

Pre-workouts and creatine have numerous similarities between them. They both give you greater energy and assist in high-intensity exercise. But the way they work isn’t exactly the same.

Creatine, like amino acids, is a naturally occurring chemical in the body. Creatine immediately enhances ATP regeneration and improves energy by inhibiting adenosine receptors.

In contrast, pre-workout medications, boost your energy by boosting the quantity of oxygen in the blood or by employing stimulants like caffeine.

Other than creatine and pre-workouts, I have handpicked the best supplements for your health. This will ensure your body and ready for an intense session.

JOINT N-11Utilize a cutting-edge supplement that contains pure Niacinamide, which has been shown in research to help protect joint tissue.
HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE BPS – 5Features a proprietary mix of 5 primary components known to support and help maintain healthy blood pressure.

These supplements are from well-known brands will good reviews. You should always take them from verified sources like these whenever you’re putting something in your body.

Combine the two supplements for the greatest results. They will boost your strength and energy, allowing you to build muscles more effectively.

Pre-Workout and Creatine Together

Optimizing fitness and lean muscle require a healthy diet and top-notch supplements. A quality pre-workout will provide your body the energy and focus it needs so you can exercise hard. 

Additionally, they’ll have nutrients that will nourish and repair your muscles while giving you a fantastic pump. Pre-workout and creatine together may change the game for your workout. 

The benefits you can gain from mixing creatine with pre-workouts are

Benefit 1: Enhanced Muscle Benefits

There is a versatile power named creatine. You can easily mix them up with water and other types of nutrients. Pre-workout and creatine’s muscle-building benefits can be enhanced. 

L carnitine, beta-alanine, and VAO6 from the pre-workout add up to the creatine and optimized your body for the best results.

L-Citrulline: L-Citrulline expands blood arteries improves blood flow and filters out dangerous substances.

Beta-alanine: Beta-alanine enables longer workouts, stronger workouts, and quicker recovery. Especially with less lactic acid accumulation,

VAO6: Vasorelaxation is available with VAO6 for better pumps. Additionally, it enhances physical performance, energy levels, and metabolism.

Benefit 2: Measurement of Amount

Creatine is already present in certain pre-workout supplements, but not all. The major benefit here is that you can control the amount you are taking.

Benefit 3: Not addictive

Creatine does not provide you with a rush of energy as pre-workout does. it’s not addictive either. It doesn’t make you feel its need.

To keep your levels high, take your creatine in little dosages throughout the day. For instance, a morning smoothie with 2 gm of creatine, and a protein drink with 3 gm of creatine.

Now let’s see how we can mix our creatine with our pre-workout.

How to Mix Creatine with Pre-workouts

First things first, check the ingredients of your pre-workout. If you find the level of creatine is enough then no additional amount is necessary. The ideal amount of creatine is 3 to 5 grams per day.

If creatine is missing from your pre-workout, you can mix creatine powder with it. Follow the process mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Take a scoop of your pre-workout in a glass. Then put one scoop of the provided spoon with the creatine powder. Use a maximum of 5 grams creatine in a serving.
  • Step 2: Mix the two powders well before adding water. Use a fork to do this precisely.
  • Step 3: Add water to the mixture and steer it well. Feel free to add cold water if you like them cold. 

But you should avoid using hot water. Hot water can damage the ingredients and ruin their efficiency. It might also have trouble dissolving.

There you should have your pre-workout and creatine drink ready. A perfect combination to get your body ready for an intense training session. 

How to Mix Creatine with Pre-workouts

Tips and Suggestions

There are some ground rules you should follow if youtube pre-workouts or creatine. Following these will help you stay safe from the side effects and gain maximum outcomes.

Tip 1: Check the ingredients of whatever you put inside your body. Pre-workouts contain exotic stimulants that your body might not react well to.

Tip 2: Consult a doctor as soon as possible if you feel bad or dizzy. Pre-workouts and creatine get your heart rate high. It can lead to brain stroke and cardiac arrest.

Tip 3: You can use black coffee as a substitute for your pre-workout. The key ingredient that has a lot of caffeine is black coffee. 


Can I use two separate pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout should be consumed just once per day. You may be allowed to take the pre-workout twice a day if it is not significantly underdosed. However, it is allowed in the case of “stim-free” pre-workouts only. Because excessive caffeine consumption is not advised.

What happens if you drink too much pre-workout?

Pre-workout may be a great way to enhance energy if utilized correctly. However, incorrect use can cause different types of undesirable side effects. It can cause nausea, shaking, cramps, and high blood pressure.  And also, in exceedingly rare cases, cardiac arrest.

Is daily pre-workout consumption okay?

Pre-workout supplements are usually regarded as safe, but they shouldn’t be used every day. Insomnia, jittery/tingly sensations, and even long-term cardiac issues may be negative effects if used every day for a prolonged length of time.


Now you know all about mixing two pre-workouts. Before we finish our discussion, we have a bonus tip for you.

Get your creatine and pre-workout supplements from reputed brands. Cheap brands don’t have their ingredients tested and might mess up your health.

That’s all for today. Hope this article could help you with your questions.

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