M Sten vs Dmz – Which One Is for You?

msten vs dmz

Are you looking to improve your body with health supplements? But you have no idea which one is perfect for your body. This can happen to the best of us. Especially when the supplements are M Sten and Dmz. 

So, what is the difference between MSten vs DMZ?

M Sten is mostly used for muscle building. Whereas,  Dmz is used for overall physical performance. Dmz will help you lose weight and improves athletic performance. However, it reduces sexual performance. While both supplements have side effects, M Sten has fewer deadly side effects than DMZ. 

Still confused? Well, don’t be. Because we have got a full article describing everything to the last detail. This will clear out all the confusions you might have. 

Simply go ahead and read the whole article and you’ll get your answers.   

M Sten vs. Dmz – Basic Differences

M Sten vs. Dmz - Basic Differences

Most of you already know what M Sten and DMZ actually are. While both of them are health supplements, they have different uses. The ingredients used to make each of them are different. Just like dermacrine and sustain alpha supplements, they also have different effects and side effects.

That being said, knowing which one to use is essential. If you use the wrong one, that might do more harm than good. 

So let’s show you some basic differences to have a gist of what these two are.

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Specification M StenDMZ
Price $44.59$59.99
UsesMass gains, size gains, bulking, fuller muscles, and strength gain. Weight loss, improves athletic performance and reduces sexual problems.
Side EffectsFewer side effectsMore side effects 
BenefitsGood for muscle building. Good for overall physical structure. 


Now you have a basic idea about what these two actually do. However, the basic idea is not all you need when it comes to selecting steroids. That is why we have something more detailed for you guys. 

Head on to the next section to find out more. 

M Sten vs DMZ – Detailed Comparison 

M Sten vs Dmz

To have a proper idea of M Sten and Dmz, you’ll need some more detailed information. When using steroids, we can’t stress enough how important it is to know everything about the steroid. 

That’s why we have all the details of M Sten and Dmz. 

Let’s start!

1. Price

Price might not be a big factor for many people. But for steroid users, it is an essential thing to be aware of. This is because you need to maintain a proper dosage for a fixed amount of time. If you think you can’t maintain the dosage, it’s better not to start in the first place. 

A bottle of M Sten will set you back $44.59. This bottle of M Sten will contain 90 capsules. You can also buy one capsule for $0.48.

Now for the Dmz, it’s a bit more expensive. A bottle of DMZ will cost you $55.99. There are 60 capsules in that bottle, and you can’t buy any capsules individually. You’ll have to buy the whole bottle if you need more capsules.  

So in terms of price, we can say that M Sten is cheaper. But does it provide the best value for this price? Let’s find out in the next segments. 

2. Uses and Dosage

The main information you need to focus on is the use of steroids before you try them. With that being said, the uses of M Sten and Dmz are completely different. 

M Sten is used mainly for muscle building. This includes mass gains, size gains, bulking, fuller muscles, and strength gains. 

Cycles of methylstenbolone normally last 3 to 4 weeks, with 4 weeks being the most average. M Sten is extremely dangerous and potent. Because of this, we firmly advise against using this compound for more than 4 weeks. Methylstenbolone is administered in cycles of 3–4 weeks (21–30 days) and at doses of 4–16 mg daily.

We advise taking 2 caps evenly spaced out throughout the day. To guarantee the optimum outcomes, repeat once before going to bed and once upon waking up. Numerous veteran users have reported positive benefits when using 20mg. 

However, those high doses are reserved for experienced users, not newcomers. You will need post-cycle therapy after an M Sten cycle as it is a strong prohormone. Running a PCT cycle for 4 weeks will also balance your hormones. It will help you to restore your testosterone level and stabilise your gains. 

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It is a really good-quality health supplement that you can try. 

Now, let’s come back to the DMZ. Since Dmz is a nutritional supplement, it doesn’t work for muscle building. It is normally used for weight loss, improving athletic performance and reducing sexual problems. 

Now, what about the dosage of DMZ? Since it’s a nutritional supplement, there is no standard dosage available to follow. You’ll need to talk to your doctor, and they’ll prescribe the appropriate dosage. This will mostly depend on your health and body structure. 

Although there are many uses for both supplements, there are many side effects as well. Let’s look at the next segment. 

3. Side Effects

While both drugs have some side effects, M Sten has fewer side effects than Dmz. We say this because the side effects of DMZ can be more harmful than M Sten. 

What does this mean, actually?

Well, the side effects of MSten last for a very short period of time. They won’t cause any problems that might lead to serious health issues like kidney or liver failure. It’s kind of like how l-citrulline can cause hair loss but for a limited amount of time.  

Most of the M Sten side effects are not very harmful. It includes tiredness, increased or decreased hair growth, back pumps, increased aggression, and headaches. As you can see, most of these won’t cause life-threatening changes to your body. 

It also resists metabolisation and can cause liver damage and heart disease as a long-term side effect. It is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

However, the side effects of DMZ are concerning. It includes infertility, hair loss, breast development in men, and even heart and liver disease. So, you can probably guess how fatal this is. 

It’s also important to understand that not everyone faces all the side effects. It can be more active in some people than others. 

Now, you know all there is to know about these two health supplements. So, I think you’ve already made your decision about which one to use. 

However, we would still like to give our two cents on the matter. The rest is up to you. 

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

Both of these drugs are completely different. You might still feel confused about which one to use. M Sten is good for muscle growth, while DMZ is good for overall physical performance. 

So this is what we think. 

If you’re in your 20s and you’re into bulky bodies and muscle building, go for the M Sten. This is perfect for young, athletic people. Besides that,  it is shown that very few side effects of M Sten occur in young people. And I wouldn’t recommend using M Sten if you’re 40 or older. 

Now, if you’re someone older and you’re feeling overweight, then you can use DMZ. This compound is especially good for weight loss. And the good thing about this is people of all ages can use it. This compound will give you more strength and also increase your athletic performance. 

Most athletes in their 30s use this for better performance.  

Well, this should sum up everything you need to know about MSten and DMZ. However, we suggest that you talk to your physician first before committing to any of these.


  • Super DMZ: Is it a steroid?

Methylstenbolone and dymethazine are two brand-new androgenic anabolic steroids/ They are currently gaining favor with bodybuilders for their capacity to improve efficiency and quick muscle strength. A “dietary supplement” for bodybuilders called Super DMZ Rx 2.0 contains all of these ingredients.

  • Does M Sten contain methyl?

Since M-Sten is made from DHT, it doesn’t become estrogen and causes little to no water retention. Since methylstenbolone has undergone methylation, it is linked to liver damage. Using a cycle support supplement can reduce or completely prevent experiencing possible negative effects while on cycle.

  • How much time does M Sten remain in your body?

Your body can retain M Sten for seven days. Despite being the average, it has also been shown to remain in the body for 10–12 days. Therefore, it is preferable to abstain from drugs for at least 15 days for a drug test.

Final Word

Now you know everything there is to know about MSten vs Dmz.  However, just reading about it might not be enough. 

Since both of these are powerful supplements, it’s best you consult your doctor. They can prescribe you the appropriate dosage. 

Good Luck!

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