Narrow Clavicles Vs Wide: Does It Matter?

Our upper body appearance mostly depends on the shoulder structure. Which is either we have a narrow clavicle or a wider one. But the confusion of most people is what’s the difference between these two. 

So, narrow clavicles vs wide, which one is better? 

Every body type is perfect as long as you are healthy. Narrow and wide clavicle just give your body a different feature. A narrow clavicle gives a skinny look while a wide one gives a border look. The Shoulder pelvis ratio varies in these two. Surgeries and exercises to achieve them are different. 

Keep reading this article. I am gonna explain the differences between narrow and wide clavicles. And I am also gonna tell you the ways of achieving your desired collarbone. 

Narrow Clavicles Vs Wide: Quick Comparison

Clavicle or collarbone. This thin long bone sitting above our ribcage can make a huge difference in our appearance. It can be narrow in some people, whereas in some people it is wider.

Let’s see a quick comparison between these two types of collarbones. 

FeatureNarrow ClavicleWide Clavicle
AppearanceGives a skinny lookGives a broader, square look
Shoulder Pelvis ratio1.27 and below1.38 or above
Arm Placement while standingElbows collide with pelvisArms go straight 
StrengthLess strongMore strong
Exercises to achieve Jogging, Shoulder rolls, PushupFace pulls, Dumbbell front raise, Overhead Shoulder press, etc.
Surgeryremoves a portion of the clavicle Cutting end of the bone diagonally and places in a way to make them longer.

This is just a glimpse. I just wanted to pick your attention. I am gonna give you a detailed comparison between these two types of clavicles. For that, read the next section. 

Narrow Clavicles Vs Wide: In-depth Comparison

Some prefer board clavicles as it makes you look stronger. Whereas, some prefer a narrow clavicle, especially girls since it gives a skinny body frame. 

Let’s discuss these two types of clavicles further.


This is the main thing most people are interested to know about. The clavicle or collarbone has a huge significance on our upper body look. 

Let’s say you and one of your friends are about the same weight and height. You have a narrow clavicle and your friend has a wider one.  Even though you are of the same weight, you will look skinnier than your friend. 

Although if you both gain some lean muscle, the difference won’t be that much. And you both will look great.

Verdict on appearance: Every body type is beautiful in its own way. And gender nowadays doesn’t come in the way of your body type. 

Still, most ladies like to achieve a narrow and prominent collarbone. It enhances their body features more.

And males generally prefer wider clavicles. It makes their body looks square and broad. 

Shoulder Pelvis Ratio

You may have a question, do I have narrow or wide clavicles? Is there a measurement for that? 

Although there is no scientific measurement to determine if your clavicle is narrow or wide. But it can be guessed by the appearance. I have another option for you to determine. 

For determining your clavicle size, you can check your shoulder to pelvic ratio. Measure your pelvis bone area and your shoulder-to-shoulder area. Just do it for the front side. You don’t have to measure all around the body.

And then, divide your clavicle measurement with your pelvis bone measurement. If the ratio is 1.27 or below, it is usually considered a narrow clavicle. If the ratio is 1.38 or above, you have a wider clavicle. 

In between these two ratios let’s consider a mid-level or optimum clavicle. 

Verdict on shoulder pelvis ratio: Narrow clavicle: Shoulder pelvis ratio below 1.27

Wide clavicle: Shoulder pelvis ratio above 1.38

Arm Placement 

This is another way to determine whether you have a narrow or broad shoulder. Stand up straight. Let your hands fall straight.

If you have a wide clavicle, your elbow will go straight without touching your pelvic bone. If you have a narrow clavicle, your elbow will collide with your pelvic bone. 

Sometimes, bodybuilders place their arms a little further than their bodies while working. There are reasons for it other than having a wide clavicle. 


Wide clavicle provides you with a board shoulder. And a broad shoulder means you have a stronger upper body. You can lift heavy things more easily. 

On the other hand, people with narrow clavicles have leaner shoulders. That means it’s weaker. Although you can achieve upper shoulder strength by exercises. 

Verdict on Strength: People with wider clavicles get the advantage of having more strength naturally than others. So, wider clavicles are more desirable among bodybuilders. 

Surgery for achieving a Narrow or wide clavicle

As a bone, the clavicle can’t be changed without performing surgery. Sometimes some person’s clavicle can be too short or too narrow. This may create problems for their hand movement or appearance. 

For those, there are options for having surgery. The procedure for achieving a narrow and wise clavicle is different. In clavicle shortening surgery, an inch or less of the bone is removed. 

Achieving a wide clavicle process is a little complicated. Here, the clavicle bone is cut from two sides diagonally. And they have been placed in a way that the clavicle looks wider. 

Verdict on Surgery: Both surgeries are risky. I would not recommend going through all those hassles just to meet a certain appearance goal.

Only if you have a medical complication then go for surgery. Unless I would recommend you not to think about it. If you consider surgery, know about the full procedure of clavicle surgery before deciding on it. 

So, here are the main differences between narrow and wide clavicles. 

Exercises To Achieve Narrow Or Wide Shoulders

Get one thing on your mind clearly, you can not change your bone structure. So, you can’t possibly achieve a narrow or wide clavicle without having any surgery. 

All you can do is, achieve narrow shoulder or wide shoulder by doing some exercises. Let’s see some of those. 

Exercises For Narrower Shoulder

If your shoulders are very wide there are some exercises for you. They will help you to get a leaner upper body. Also, it will make your clavicle look more prominent. Here are some of those exercises.


Push-ups help you to increase strength in your upper body. Along with that, it also burns out the extra fat around your shoulder. So your collarbone gets more enhanced. 

Shoulder Rolls

It is an easy exercise for your shoulder. You have to roll your neck in a forward motion. Make little circles. Repeat it 10-15 times. Do the same process backward. You can do it 2-3 times a day. 


Jogging is the easiest exercise you can do for achieving a prominent collarbone. It will help you lose weight overall. So, the fat around the collarbones will also be reduced.

Losing weight in general help you achieve a more prominent collarbone. Some effective supplements can also help you achieve faster weight loss. 

Renew is an effective supplement that helps you get rid of unwanted body fat. It is good for detoxing and filtering out all of the dangerous obesogens from your body. 

Another effective supplement is Bio Fit. It is a supplement to help you lose weight. That too without having to cut out all the food that you love.

Let’s move on to the next comparison. 

Exercises For Wider Shoulder

Does your upper body looks thin because of your narrow shoulder? You can do these exercises. These will help you achieve a wider shoulder. 

Face Pulls

When you do a face pull exercise, your rear deltoid muscle gets the pressure.  As a result, you achieve a broader shoulder. 

You need a rope attachment aligned slightly higher than your upper chest. The exercise is pulling the rope towards your face while creating pressure on your shoulder.

Sometimes gym-goers get face pulls and shrugs mixed up. They are not the same exercises. 

Dumbbell Front Raise

Here, you have to stand straight with a dumble on each hand. Your torso and lower body will be motionless. Just raise your hands one at a time. Repeat the process in 16-20 reps, 2-3 sets. 

Overhead Shoulder Press

Again, you have to stand straight with a dumble on each hand. You have to press the dumble towards the ceiling while bending your elbows. The pressure will go on your shoulder. 

You have to do it in 5-8 reps and 2-3 sets. 

These are the exercises you can try to get your desired shoulder length. 

So, this was the in-depth comparison between narrow and wide clavicles. 


Can You Make Your Clavicles Wider?

You can make your clavicles wider only by surgery. It is a bone. And without surgery, it is not possible to change bone structure. But you can make your shoulder wider by exercise. 

Do Wide Shoulders Make Your Waist Look Smaller?

Yes, wide shoulders make your waist look smaller. You can say your shoulders are wider when the shoulder-waist ratio is greater. Most people wanna achieve a leaner waistline. But don’t exercise to make your shoulder too much wider in comparison to your waist. Your body structure won’t look good.

Are Wide Shoulders Attractive?

Yes, studies found that most women find it attractive if men have wide shoulders. It indicated their strength. On the other hand, in women, the narrower shoulder is much more attractive. It enhances their collarbone.

Final Words

That’s all from me on narrow clavicles vs wide clavicles. But You should always remember, no matter what your bone structure is, always love yourself. All bodies are beautiful.

And you can always hit the gym to get into a healthy shape. So, do some workouts and have a balanced diet. Have a healthy and happy day!

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