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A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

Posted by Riley on 11/28/2017

Hi folks,

RAD Remedy has had an amazing 2017. We have gotten a chance to connect in person with organizations around the US, tabled at Gender Odyssey in Seattle and Philly Trans Health in Philadelphia, and produced the groundbreaking National Standards of Care for TGIQ Health, geared to help providers deliver culturally competent, effective care to TGIQ patients in their practices. 

We've also added many providers to our database, mobilized a team to respond to national disasters by collecting resource lists of TGIQ-friendly shelters near hurricane-devastated areas (all while three of our own were going through the hurricane), and empowered volunteers by offering guidance and support in their efforts to create change in their own communities. 

We've also had personal transitions - our team of volunteers have started or expanded their families, moved, grieved, celebrated, struggled, started school, finished school, and offered support to each other as well as our communities in this year of personal & political change. 

This Giving Tuesday, we're not asking you to give of your money - though we hope you're thriving. We're asking you to give of your time and energy in pursuing action for TGIQ folks.

Because RAD wants to remain vital and powerful, we are looking for new volunteers to join our team! Rather than having specific roles to fill, RAD's philosophy is to help each volunteer find their perfect fit, in terms of time, talent, and interest. We have needs in a wide range of areas, from basic data entry to non-profit development to curriculum building to fundraising to networking...and beyond. All we ask for is a consistent time commitment (as few as a couple of hours per week), a willingness to work as part of a collaborative team, and the desire to have fun while making a positive difference in the lives  of Trans, Gender-Nonconforming, Intersex, and Queer people.

If you're interested in working along with us, please drop us an email at info@radremedy.org and let's talk about it!

P.S. If, after all this, you're still interested in donating, thank you thank you thank you - please head over to RAD Remedy on NationBuilder to do the deed.

Thanks for reading and for supporting our little engine that could in 2017.
Be well,

Executive Director, RAD Remedy

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