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The Importance of Reviews

Posted by Cate on 04/22/2016

For RAD, we believe that our reviews are the key to connecting people to affirming and competent care.

My experience with finding care

When I've looked for providers in my area, there have been numerous community organizations that provide a local list of providers. However, to me, it felt like just a list of names and contact information. I had to take the additional step of discussing the different options in a support group setting.

Unfortunately, that option isn't available to everyone. Support groups can exclude people who have time, accessibility, transportation, or safety concerns.

Where does RAD come in?

Part of what we're looking to accomplish with RAD is to better formalize the collective knowledge of our communities. To simply find out who's good and who isn't, you shouldn't have to go to a support group or seek out other venues. It can be exhausting and can often require a lot of knowledge about where those spaces are.

The fact of the matter is that many community organizations don't have the resources to create and maintain a review system like RAD does. Moreover, in the case of negative reviews, it can cause tension between the providers being reviewed and those local community organizations.

Our philosophy

We fully recognize that not everyone receives the same quality of care from a provider. My experience as a white transwoman can be, and often is, very different from people who identify as transmasculine, non-binary, or a person of color. When in spaces like support groups, the viewpoints will be limited to who's in attendance, which again tends to exclude certain groups.

Instead of telling everyone that a particular provider is suitable for everyone, we want to give you the tools to make as informed a decision as possible. With our identities system, we feel that you can accomplish that in RAD.

So, in short, reviews are important. We are continually working to ensure that your privacy is respected. If you have a suggestion or concern about how reviews are structured, please let us know at info@radremedy.org.

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