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RAD Remedy's Guide to the Immediate Post-Election Future

Posted by Riley on 11/11/2016

Dear ones,

This week has rattled me for a number of days as I'm sure it has many of you. I just got off a national call with many LGBTQ organizations talking post-election urgent actions and things to be aware of. Many of you may be looking for ways to protect your families, marriages, and selves. Here's a snippet of what was mentioned in the short term:

1. Trans folks: Get your passports ASAP. Having a passport that accurately reflects things is a powerful document you can use elsewhere. [Note: accurate passports *can* be received by trans people whose states of birth refuse gender changes. (Kind regards and hat tip to Shannon Minter of NCLR for his assistance on that point.)]

2. Trans folks: Get your Social Security record updated ASAP. Your card doesn't have a gender marker on the front but the behind-the-scenes does.

3. Mamas, Papas, Abbas, Babas, etc: Get your second parent adoptions. Yes, I know you're married. The Obergefell Supreme Court decision dealt with *marriage* rights - not parentage rights. The way to protect your family is an adoption decree. Because of the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution, your adoption in one state is upheld in others.

The following were not on the call but are my own recommendations:

A. Get yourself and your spouse/sweeties a will each inclusive of guardianship wishes of children and pets should both/all of you pass away. Make sure they match and that you discuss it with the potential guardian first.

B. Get yourself and your spouse/sweeties a durable power of attorney. This allows the person to make medical or legal decisions for you even in case of incapacitation.

C. Get yourself and your spouse/sweeties listed as each other's life insurance beneficiary, if you have coverage. This can help cover the costs of funerals and expenses associated with terminal or critical illness.

D. Get yourself and your spouse/sweeties some self-care, some water, some sunshine, and try to look after each other. We need you here. Make sure you have access to community and loved ones during this uncertain time. We will get through this together. And, if needed, seek out a therapist or someone to talk to. If you need help finding one, take a gander on RAD - we have a bunch.

Caveat to all of this: RAD Remedy is not your lawyer. As cute as I may be, I too am not your lawyer. When in doubt, speak with an attorney. If you need help finding one, take a gander on RAD. We have a bunch as well as generalized legal aid services.

Stay safe, stay strong, and most importantly, know that we are in this together, and we at RAD Remedy are fighting for us both.
Be well,
Executive Director, RAD Remedy

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