Npp vs Eq: Which One You Should Pick?

When comparing two steroids, all you need to know is which one is best for you. NPP and EQ both are steroids that come from testosterone. But, they have separate effects. So, which one can be good for your next cycle? 

I know, it’s very hard to choose between them. But I will help you to find what you’re looking for.

So, which one is good to pick NPP Vs EQ

NPP will undoubtedly be more effective. But with a higher chance of side effects than other steroids. It works better on your goal, cycle history, and stats. Although they are both steroids they also have lots of differences in results and side effects. Like androgenic, liver and kidney damage etc. 

To end up your all queries and curiosity. Stick till the end of the article where I’ll share with you an in-depth Comparision. So that you can choose which one is good to with. 

NPP Vs EQ: Quick Comparision

Depending on your requirements, both NPP and EQ can get you very good results. And both of these have some very different side effects. If you don’t have a clear idea about these differences, it could be very confusing for you. 

Before jumping into the main part, let’s give a quick look at some specific comparisons. 

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Mass Gains
Great for mass gains, steady, high-quality muscle gain. Mostly used on bulking cycles. If combined with other steroids, proper diet, and exercise. Equipoise can bring very good results for mass gain.

NPP increases collagen synthesis by 240%, which increases joint strength and boosts recovery.EQ boosts collagen synthesis by 340%, meaning better recovery.
Lean GainsNot usually used for cutting cycles, but very good for fat loss.Great for the use in a cutting cycle, if diet and exercise can be maintained.
Strength and EnduranceNot very good at increasing strength and endurance levelsEquipoise boosts metabolism, burns calories. And increases red blood cell count which shoots up strength and endurance
Side effectsLess androgenic side effects than EQ, erectile dysfunction, can affect cholesterol level.Increases in blood pressure might affect your vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, and heart.


Still can not decide between these two? Don’t worry, here is an in-depth comparison to help you make the best decision.

kidney damage
Injured Kidney, X-Ray, Traumatic Lesions Of The Kidneys With Fissures, Rupture Of The Renal Capsule, On The Right, And Hematomas, Abdominal X-Ray In Front View. (Photo By BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

NPP vs EQ: Detailed Comparision

So, gets started with the head-to-head comparison between these two steroids. NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) and EQ can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles. It’s necessary to know all things about NPP. And as well as of EQ if you’re an athlete. 

Although NPP dose bodybuilding is mostly popular for bulking up. Both of these steroids can bring you similar results but with different dosages, cycles, and processes. 

Let’s assess which one best meets your needs here. I will compare one by one in detail to know a little bit more.

  1. Bulking Cycle 

Since they are both steroids, you can expect to gain a good amount of muscle. NPP will make you bulky with high-quality gains. And if you want to get all veiny EQ is the way to go. 

For bulking, NPP will help you gain weight faster than compared EQ steroid dosage. And without an increase in body fat. However, EQ (Equipoise or Boldenone undecylenate) can also help with mass gains. But gaining the same amount of muscle mass. You need almost twice as much EQ than NPP. 

  1. Cutting Cycle  

NPP is not really popular for cutting cycles. But it can still be very good for losing fat. Especially for females, NPP can maintain a good ratio of muscle mass and weight. 

On higher than regular doses of NPP, users experienced a significant amount of fat loss.

On the other hand, boldenone for cutting can also be a good choice. To use in a cutting cycle assuming your diet and exercise are on point. EQ boosts up your metabolism allowing you to train harder. So, if you are disciplined, you can lose fat with EQ.

Still, want to shred some extra fat from your body? Here you can also try some of these effective ways to lose weight.

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ADIMIN WEIGHT LOSSIt powerful natural antioxidant designed to detoxify and support the weight. It contains a concentrated formula for weight loss.


  1. Recovery

NPP increases collagen synthesis by 240% which is responsible for joint strength. But EQ does it better, increasing it up to 340% that too in a smaller dose. EQ makes your joints stronger allowing you to train harder and recover faster than NPP.

  1. Endurance 

For endurance, Equipoise is hands down the better choice than NPP. It boosts joint strength which results in better stamina compared to NPP or any other steroids.

  1. Strength 

Compared to NPP, EQ is better at giving you strength. EQ users have experienced a significant increase in appetite. They were hungry all the time!  

Your metabolism is enhanced when you’re on EQ. It gives you a better appetite which results in more strength. 

Side Effects

Using steroids takes a certain toll on your body, NPP and EQ are no different. These side effects vary on. Although NPP is actually mild compared to other steroids. Especially EQ when it comes to side effects. 

Androgenic Side Effects

Male NPP users can experience baldness and acne. Whereas,  female users experience unusual hair growth and deepening of the voice. EQ users can also experience acne and oily skin. 

The pores get blocked because of the androgenic properties. So washing your face won’t help. This is the most common side effect of both of these steroids. Well, whatever you are using, good luck on your dates!

Estrogenic Side Effects 

Every steroid converts some parts of it to estrogen, more or less. When compared to EQ, NPP is slightly less estrogenic. Only 20% of nandrolone can be converted to estrogen. For EQ, the conversion rate is much higher. 

Being more estrogenic will cause you to retain water, and your body will swell up. It can make your nipples hurt. Yes, it is serious. And in some rare cases, it can cause Gynecomastia aka man-boobs. In such cases, you need to lower prolactin levels in your body. 

Blood Pressure 

NPP and EQ increase red blood cell count remarkably, which is good to some extent. Compared to NPP, EQ increases the RBC in your blood. But it can leave a fatal impact. Increased RBC means you will have thicker, sluggish blood which will cause severe fatigue. And it also adds to the risk of having a stroke. 

This will require you to consume a more sodium-based diet. To dilute the blood which will increase the blood pressure eventually leading to heart diseases. 

Blood Pressure 

Liver and Kidney Damage 

Our internal organs see steroids as impurities. Since the liver and kidneys help clean up your blood. You will be forcing them to work overtime. Slowly damaging them. It does not matter which steroid you are using, NPP or EQ. Both of them will kind of deal the same damage to your organs.

  1. Testosterone Suppression 

Like every other steroid, NPP and EQ will disable your natural testosterone production. In this case, the effect of NPP is much stronger than EQ. 

Combining this with the estrogenic side effects. Users experience a serious decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction. 

Which One Should You Choose?

After reading through a “very short” pros and cons discussion. It is now time for you to choose one. Like I said in the beginning, it’s not a simple choice. 

If you want a beginner to advance guidelines for NPP or EQ. Then it is very important so, let’s review your options once again:

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Muscle BuildingNPP
Strength and EnduranceEQ
Side Effects NPP
Losing FatNPP


If you were rooting for EQ, don’t be sad. If you can mitigate the side effects. For enhancing strength, stamina, and athletic performance, Equipoise is still the better option 

NPP will always be the safer and better option if you want muscle mass.

Things To Keep In Mind

You have finally chosen your steroid, now it’s time to go and get shredded. But before you go always remember these few points that will go a long way:

  • Steroids Aren’t Magic 

No matter which steroid you use. You will still have to work hard and maintain your diet. Your steroids alone will never get you where you want to be. If you are not disciplined and careful when using, you can lose your health.

  • Use PCT  

The impotence of PCT can’t be stretched enough. It is very important to get your hormones back to normal right after finishing a cycle. No one wants to be a boobied man or a bearded lady!

  • Keep In Touch With Your Physician 

Keep your physician close. Let him fix your cycle dosages, nutrition charts. Just in case you feel your symptoms are getting worse. Seek professional medical advice whenever needed.


How strong is Nandrolone? 

Though it is supposed to have minimal androgenic effects, nandrolone decanoate does have substantial anabolic effects. 3.29 to 4.92 and 0.31 to 0.41 is the potency ratio. When compared to other AAS, they’re believed to have the highest anabolic to androgenic effect ratio.

How does NPP make you feel?

To females, NPP’s most frequent negative impacts are virilization. You may get to see acne, hirsutism, hoarseness of the voice, and voice deepening. These are common effects of NPP.  These kinds of symptoms are even possible with a regular dose of nandrolone.

Does boldenone cause anxiety?

Yes, boldenone has one of the symptoms like anxiety. The effects on the serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter systems in the brain lead it to happen. The research found using anabolic steroids at moderate to high levels. It is linked to a number of psychological illnesses.

End Note

That’s all ins and out comparison of NPP vs EQ. I hope now it’ll make you clear which one is good for you and to choose from.  

However, talk to your physician or the trainer before using any of these. 

Till then stay safe and healthy!

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