Why Is The Ozempic Pen Not Working? 4 Reasons & Fixes

Ozempic Pen is used by type 2 diabetics to control blood sugar levels in adults. But that’s not it. Ozempic medication also boosts immunity against major cardiovascular disorders. 

It prevents heart attack and heart stroke in subordinates with type 2 diabetes. But sometimes it stops working and people have no idea why. 

That’s why I decided to write about it and to help people find solutions to the problem. So, Why Is the Ozempic Pen Not Working?

Generally, the Ozempic Pen stops working when the needle is blocked. But if it is frozen or expired, it won’t work either. Furthermore, you have to carefully follow the procedure to avoid any issues. 

If you want solutions and tips to keep the Ozempic Pen effective, then stay till the end. 

Why Is The Ozempic Pen Not Working? 

Ozempic has been classified in a narcotic class. It is known as Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) Incretin mimetics. The working mechanism of Ozempic is defined. It first binds to the GLP-1 receptors. 

Then, it stimulates the pancreas for insulin release in case of lower blood sugar levels. Is that it? Nope. 

It also lowers insulin levels when you perceive high blood sugar. 

In short, Ozempic is effective because its injection regulates insulin levels. Similar to trulicity pen not working, the Ozempic pen can also malfunction. The reasons behind the Ozempic pen malfunction are-

Reason 1: Pen Needle Is Blocked 

The Ozempic Pen may stop working sometimes due to some errors. Often, the pen stops working when its needle is blocked. 

Dust, blood tissues, vicious insulin, and air bubbles can block it. 

How Do These Things Block It?

People generally inject the insulin at the same place twice. The fatty tissues of the skin may be embedded into the needle. These tissues block the needle and the pen will not work. 

Or, if you don’t cover the pen after use, it may lead to the entrance of air into it. This may stop your pen from working properly. 

Reason 2: You Are Not Careful

If you are using a thin and long needle, you should carefully inject it into your skin. Otherwise, it will be bent and would stop the proper working of the pen. 

In addition, the improper use of the injector button causes an error. It will stop the insertion of the solution into your skin. 

In the case of using NHP or mixed solutions, you should gently mix them. It is because these insulin solutions are vicious and can’t be distributed evenly. 

Reason 3: It is Frozen

Frozen ozempic pens also do not work properly. So, make sure it is unfrozen before you inject it. 

Reason 4: It Is Expired

The expired ozempic pen also does not work properly. So, you need to keep checking its expiry date to avoid frustrations. 

7 Possible Solutions For Ozempic Pen Errors

Here are some of the solutions for Ozempic pen errors. Follow them and you will have no problem: 

Reset the Ozempic Pen

You need to reset the ozempic pen when it is not working properly. It may show some common errors such as air-filled in it, improper injection of a solution, or bent needle. 

Whenever you’re seeing any of these errors you must reset your pen for proper use. 

Here is how to reset an Ozempic Pen: 

  • Open the cap of the pen; both inner and out caps. 
  • Remove the needle from the pen. 
  • Clear the pen from the solution completely. 
  • Put on the new needle and push it gently onto the pen. 
  • Your pen is ready for injecting the solution. 

That was a brief description of the topic. Did you learn Why is the Ozempic Pen Not Working? We hope you have learned a lot from this post. 

However, if you have any queries regarding this topic you may ask in the comments.  

People must attend the training sessions to get general information. You should learn the symptoms, reasons, and treatment of high & low blood sugar. It is obvious that ozempic treats low & high insulin disorders. 

You must follow a healthy diet plan as well as exercise. 

Dial The Dose Button Correctly

Sometimes, the user does not dial the dose button the right way. It may lead to no insulin insertion into the skin. To handle this type of error the pen user must read the manual instructions. 

So, How to dial an Ozempic Pen? 

You should press and hold on to the dose button of your ozempic pen. Hold it pressed until the complete solution is injected into your skin. 

Be Careful With The Injector Button

The other people sometimes do not press the injector button. Therefore the solution fails to inject completely. The users assume their pens have ceased to function. So, you should press the injector button hard to insert the entire quantity. 

If you are using NPH or mixed insulin, you should gently roll back & forth the insulin to distribute it. Because these types of insulins are somehow viscous. While using these insulins, people forget to mix them. So, the medicine solution injects incorrectly. 

Also, leaving the needle inserted into the pen will allow the air to pass into the pen.  The air will mix with the insulin and it will be difficult to inject the required dose. So, do not forget to remove and discard the needle after using an ozempic pen. 

Rotate the Areas Where You Inject

When you inoculate the dose at the same place, the fatty tissue of your skin creates an error for injection. You must keep on rotating the injecting place. 

Wondering Where should you insinuate ozempic injection? 

You can inject ozempic dose under your skin i.e in the stomach, upper arm, or thigh. Your doctor will teach you the injecting mechanism. 

Commonly, people inject it under the abdomen skin.

So, How to inject Ozempic into the stomach? 

Insert the needle of the ozempic pen into your abdomen (stomach). Press the dose button to inject the dose completely. Follow the same with other body parts. 

Deal Rightly With The Needle

Always use the exact long needle prescribed by your doctor. Moreover, thin needles must be injected straight. You should inject it carefully otherwise it will be bent. If the ozempic pen needle is bent, the entire dose of insulin will not be injected. 

You should also remove both the inner and outer cap of the needle. 

Discard The Pen Before Expiry Date

If you use expired ozempic doses, you may get severe side effects. Moreover, ozempic pens should not be used after the expiration date. 

Do not refrigerate an ozempic pen that has been used because it is useless now. 

You Should Know How To Properly Use It

People must be educated on how to use an ozempic pen! A lot of ozempic pen users don’t even know the possible solutions for common ozempic pen errors. They panic and instantly call or visit their doctors or pharmacists. 

It cannot show error codes like true metrix. Therefore, people must attend the sessions on using Ozempic regularly. Also, the symptoms and treatment of low & high blood sugar are also discussed in these sessions. 

Some Tips To Use Ozempic Pens 

Below are the tips to increase the effectiveness of Ozempic pens. 

  • You should keep your Ozempic pen in the refrigerator at 36°F to 46°F when it is newly purchased & unused. However, when you open it and start using it, you should store it for almost two months at room temperature. 
  • You must attend diabetes pedagogy classes once or twice a month. It will provide you with general awareness. 
  • Do not allow someone else to use your ozempic pen as it may transfer germs. You must check your blood sugar at regular intervals. 
  • Medical tests must be done while you are using ozempic medication. These tests include kidney tests,  blood sugar glucose, hemoglobin, and CBC. It will indicate all disorders. 
  • You should not use ozempic medication with any other semaglutide medicine. 
  • Make sure your Pen is full. How do you know when your Ozempic Pen is empty? If your pen shows 0.5 mg solution left in it, it would not be enough for a full dose. You should not use that much low dose. It’s a reminder that your ozempic pen is empty and you should use a new one. 
  • Don’t overdose! What happens if you take too much ozempic? Overdose of ozempic injection may cause severe side effects. It may lead to vomiting, nausea, low blood sugar levels, heartburn, or heart disorders.

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How should I use Ozempic? 

You should inject ozempic into your skin one time in a week or as said by your doctor. Never use the earlier prepared injection. Also, every time you should inject an ozempic pen at alternative places. 

Can you lose weight with ozempic medication? 

The Ozempic pen is not approved for weight loss. However, patients with type 2 diabetes may lose weight with ozempic medication. 

How many doses are in the Ozempic Pen? 

It depends upon how many doses of ozempic you’re taking. If you take 0.5 mg once a week, your ozempic pen will last for a month providing you with approximately 4 doses. 

Parting Thoughts

So, I hope now you know why is Ozempic Pen not working.

The most common reason behind ozempic failure is the blockage of needles. Not injecting according to instructions, Frozen, and expired Ozempic pens are other reasons. 

Follow the guidelines of the manual to avoid any frustration. Plus, a few tips might help too, which are described above. 

In short, Use the Ozempic pen the right way and stay healthy!

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