P6 Extreme vs P6 Black – The Ultimate Revival!

Supplements are appearing in numbers in the market. Being not sure about which one takes is a common scenario.

Running through all the reviews and features is a time-consuming process.

If you want to be fit and healthy, this may be a worthy deal.

However, here we’re going to compare P6 Extreme vs P6 Black.

Both the Cellucor products contain the same ingredient levels that benefit energy efficiency. The Magnesium, Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, and Vitamin D contents will give you a good boost. However, as a hardcore workout lover, you shall be benefited more from P6 extreme. See what suits you.

We are going to get very deep into the chemical contents of the two products. With the right analysis, you shall be able to determine what suits you best. 

P6 extreme vs P6 black Ingredient Comparison Table

P6 extreme vs P6 black – Quick Comparison

FeaturesP6 ExtremeP6 Black
D-Aspartic Acid185mg191mg
Vitamin D3333IU1666IU

P6 extreme vs P6 black – In-Depth Comparison

The P6 extreme and the P6 extreme black are very close to each other. As the chart suggests, the ingredient levels are pretty similar.

It can be seen that a p6 testosterone booster review is important. This involves how the contents of these supplements are working. They should work in your favor in terms of what you want.

Your ultimate satisfaction is the priority here. In this scenario, we will look at the features of each of the ingredients. These ingredients are supposed to give you positive health benefits.

Both the supplements are designed to satisfy your fitness goals The P6 black version of the cellucor series has added extra ingredients that actually backfired. This is the reason why the most preferred version is the P6 extreme.

We shall look at some of the key ingredients and their functions. A good look at how they are functioning for positive health effects. The comparison of the two cellucor products will flow in. 


Health benefits of magnesium are plenty. Drawing down each of the benefits of magnesium is essential here. 

Remember, P6 cellucor side effects are there that have given headaches to the manufacturers. The usual side effects are lack of proper sleep or stomach bloating and so on. 


This happens due to not taking proper nutritious food after a workout. If you are working out hard to meet your goals, you must be taking healthy food. Especially, if you are taking testosterone boosters. 

These boosters are increasing your energy with their magnesium and other contents. They come as a good alternative to steroids. Many steroids like test tren and Anadrol cycles have complicated features that annoy users. 

So, you can see, that a very cost-friendly alternative is these testosterone boosters. P6 extreme has done well with proper magnesium levels. 

P6 black has lowered the magnesium levels. The reason is unknown. 

There should be enough magnesium in your system. This will generate more energy in your body by breaking down food into energy. 

They are also known to form necessary proteins from amino acids. It is evident that you should have a good diet routine to stay healthy. If you are taking protein supplements, they should work in your favor. 

However, it is indicated that these two products are not carrying enough magnesium. Your body may need more, so you should be able to gather other sources. Your daily food intake must have enough magnesium in it as well.

Eating fruits and vegetables alongside lean meat would do the job. If you are not taking nutritious food, you may develop health issues. 

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is an important ingredient that promotes testosterone growth. Both the P6 testosterone booster ingredients carry this acid in a good amount. The number 185mg to 191mg respectively.

These two products of the Cellucor P6 series are energy boosters. So, it is evident that they must carry D-Aspartic Acid in proper amounts. 

D-Aspartic Acid

There are a number of advantages that this ingredient carries. The D-Aspartic Acid has the ability to go straight to your brain. 

The area of the brain that is responsible for the hormonal effects will release more testosterone. 

As you need D-Aspartic Acid, you also need L-Aspartic Acid in your body. The P6 extreme contains L-Aspartic Acid and the P6 Black version doesn’t. The reason is unknown.

It can be seen that the P6 Black version has gone more specific. They have gone into the energy-boosting issue. P6 extreme has understood the importance of protein production in your system. 

As you are defining your body with more energy, you need more protein. This is for proper muscle recovery and growth. 

Perhaps with P6 extreme, you don’t need to take extra protein supplements. Protein supplements are usually expensive. Products like cellucor p6 alpha can deal with your protein needs in a cost-friendly way. 

But others are not cutting down on costs.

You should be aware that only D-Aspartic Acid does not do all the job. There are other ingredients that work together to support your workout goals. 

We shall therefore go forward with the effects of zinc in the system.


As you are working hard at the gym being more regular than ever. In order to see good results, your immune system should be working fine. 

Too much hard work can fatigue your body. You may feel stressed and develop health issues if there is no zinc in your body. 


The main aim of zinc here is to regulate your metabolic rate. The zinc contents improve metabolic rates to keep you energized. So, you won’t be developing any health side effects after an extreme workout with weights. 

The product cellucor p6 extreme has developed the right amount of zinc for your body. The Cellucor P6 Black features contain enough zinc as well. 

Zinc is also known for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. This keeps you healthy and energized. It can be said that zinc is a very healthy alternative to vitamin C.

You see, as you are pressuring your body at extreme heights. With proper supplements, your body should be able to release stress effectively. The Zinc contents do a fabulous job at regulating your blood flow.

By keeping the blood pressure normal, you are allowing the supplement contents to perform. This means all the ingredients in the supplement are working to give you a fine look. 

Vitamin D

As a testosterone booster supplement, the Cellucor P6 Extreme has done a favorable job. They have put enough vitamin D contents for a healthier output. 

It is unknown why the vitamin D contents of P6 Black are much lower. As a newer version, they should have been carrying an advanced ingredient mix. However, this is not the case for P6 Black. 

As you may know, the cellucor p6 black was banned. This is because this series was containing a banned substance called norandrostenedione. 

However, the band was lifted after a few months. The reason is also unknown. 

If you are able to research p6 ultimate gh before and after it would beneficial. You will realize by taking which product you are achieving better results. 

It can be said that the P6 Black has meddled with the ingredients. They have lowered the vitamin labels while putting some banned substances in them. This is to give you a steroid-like effect which is not favorable. 

Just like zinc, vitamin D does favorably at strengthening the immune system. Vitamin D does a fair job aiding weight loss. 

The right amount of Vitamin D in your body will keep your inner organs healthy. When the inner organs are functioning the right way, you are able to achieve good results. 

Vitamin D

As the two products act as good pre-workout supplements. Taking two pills before a workout would improve your focus. 

This is because of the vitamin D contents. They work in a fine way at regulating proper blood flow. This is from the brain to the rest of the body. 

This further improves focus as you will be performing better at the gym. Comparing some protein shakes like Premier or GNC  will help you gain better results. They will work favorably with cellucor supplements. 

Here are some great supplements to improve your immune system as well as ensure vitamins. 

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Do testosterone boosters support muscle growth?

Testosterone boosters provide more energy for you to work out harder. A harder workout will support muscle growth. You should be taking the right protein shake for it as well. 

How fast can we see results after taking the Cellucor supplements?

If fat burning is your goal, you should be seeing results in two months. However, if bodybuilding is your goal, you should be a little more patient. 

What are the mental benefits of testosterone boosters?

The mental benefits of testosterone boosters are mainly improved focus. In addition, your overall mood is also benefited. You will stay happier and more positive.

Wrapping Things Up!

The comparison of p6 extreme vs p6 black is done keeping four ingredients into count. Hope the detailed information showcased here has given you the right idea.

With that, we shall be taking a leave for now.


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