Premier Protein vs Gnc Lean Shake: Which One to Choose?

Premier Protein Vs GNC Lean Shake

Need a dietary source so that you can choose a meal replacement? Side by side also need the protein for your cuts?

Are you confused about what to take: Premier protein vs GNC lean shake

Premier Protein is a new and very trendy protein shake. It also comes in different types other than shakes like bars drinks and even powder. On the other hand, GNC is an oldie in the competition. Brought upon a new product in the market which is a near-perfect meal replacement.

Now let’s dig deep and see what differentiates between the two.

Premier Protein Vs GNC Lean Shake

Premier Protein Vs GNC Lean Shake

GNC lean shake and premier protein both have not so much different qualities. Both are meal replacement shakes that are enriched in many dietary supplements. 

Well, these supplements can bring various benefits to our bodies. 

The only prominent advantage GNC has is there is more variety of GNC rather than Premier protein. Premier protein only has around 3-4 flavors. While GNC has a lot. 

Although, GNC has been in the market for around 67 years. Presently, premier protein is more famous thanks to social media. Such as TikTok and Instagram. Premier protein is very famous among users.

Premiere protein is one of those protein brands on the market. Which offers a wide selection of shakes or powder or drinks. These help to give a protein boost inside your body. They also have their bars.

GNC lean shake as the name suggests is a weight loss drink. GNC has been in the market for several years. But the lean shake is one of their newer brands. Therefore, one should not be afraid it is old stuff. It is made with modern technology. It is an excellent meal replacement with many benefits. Therefore, you can easily lose weight by having these.

A Side By Side Comparison Of GNC Lean Shake Vs Premier Protein

A Side By Side Comparison Of GNC Lean Shake Vs Premier Protein

A side-by-side comparison of GNC lean shake and premier protein is given below.

  • Ingredients

While premier protein has some controversial ingredients. GNC does not contain such types of ingredients. 

Let us have a look into the details

  • GNC Lean shake

GNC lean shake does not contain controversial ingredients. Hence it contains sure and absolute products to help you gain muscles.

GNC lean shake contains pure ingredients that help in energy capacity regulation, digestive conditions, and appetite suppression.  Those are

  1. Skim Milk 
  2. Protein Blends 
  3. Filtered Water
  4. Whey Protein Isolate
  5. Calcium Combination
  6. Oil of Safflower
  7. Oil from Sunflower Seeds

GNC Lean Shake also contains several potentially unhealthy additives. that is essential.

  1. Soy
  2. Flavorings that are artificial
  3. Sucralose
  4. Salt
  5. Dairy

The shake is not lactose-free. Also, there is no evidence that this is gluten-free. So gluten and lactose intolerant people be very aware.

  • Premier Protein,

Unlike GNC lean shake premier protein, has controversial ingredients. The ingredients used in premier protein are given below 

  • Water, 
  • Premier Protein Shake Protein Blend (Milk Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein Concentrate)
  • Cocoa Powder (processed with alkali)
  • Calories 

While GNC lean shake has more calories per serving than premier protein. The difference is not caused by a landslide.

GNC lean shake provides around 200 calories per serving. And premier protein provides around 160 calories per serving.

  • Sugar 

Since calorie is higher in GNC. Therefore the sugar level of GNC is also higher than Premier protein. 

Premier protein has 1 gm of sugar per serving. And GNC has around 3 g of sugar per serving.

  • Cholesterol 

Between the cholesterol level of both drinks, GNC has a higher rate of 60 mg cholesterol level.

Whereas, premier protein has 25 mg. The GNC lean shake has an upper hand by more than double. 

  • Fat 

Surprising enough when it comes to fat contents. Both the drinks contain equal amounts.

Premier protein and GNC lean shake both have 3 g of fat per serving.

  • Carbs 

When it comes down to carb count GNC lean shake got ahead with a landslide. It contains about 17 g of carbs per serving.

But when we look at premier protein it only contains 4g. Hence if you want a drink with low carbs Premier protein is the one. 

  • Protein

Now for one of the top questions which shake has more protein, GNC or premier protein. The Premier protein has more protein content than GNC. 

Premier protein has 30g of protein. while GNC only has about 25g.

  • Dietary Fiber

When it comes to dietary fiber the GNC Lean shake has a lot more than Premier protein.

We all know how much fiber is important for our guts and our toilet health. Hence it matters if you have a problem getting constipation.

GNC shakes contain about 8g of fiber but Premier protein only has about 1g of it.

  • Organic 

Both the drinks are not organic at all, therefore. It might cause allergic reactions but in a different category.

Please look at the ingredients before purchasing any one of them. It will help to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

  • Artificial Sweetener 

Both the shakes contain artificial sweeteners. Both contain sucralose. Which is also known as Splenda.

Artificial sweetener is much better than sugar. As sugar is worse for you so using artificial sweeteners can be better for you.

  • Price Per Serving  

GNC lean shake costs a little bit more than the Premier protein shake. Not by much though.

While GNC cost around 2.50 dollars per serving. Premier protein costs around 2.32 dollars per serving.

Side Effects

Over consumption of anything is very bad for health. Therefore there are some under dwelling side effects of the two. Those are stated below

Premiere Protein Shake

There are some significant side effects when it comes to protein shakes especially premiere protein. Those are given below

  • increased bowel movements occur
  • You feel nauseous
  • You feel thirsty
  • Bloating occurs
  • You get cramps 
  • Reduced appetite happens
  • Tiredness (fatigue) gets into you 
  • Headache happens
  • Skin starts to break out

GNC Lean Shake

There are some side effects for the GNC lean shake, those are given below.

  • Mild headaches occur
  • Diarrhea happens in some cases
  • Constipation occurs
  • You may feel nauseous



There are some precautions while having these. You should totally follow the directions while having these. Such as how to make these and how much to put in. other than that the mentioned precautions should be taken into mind,

Premiere protein

Premiere protein is one of those proteins that is enriched in it. Also, this has water parts of the milk hence this is not appropriate for a vegan diet.

Also if you have some underlying medical conditions. You should consult a professional before trying this out.

GNC Lean Shake

GNC lean shake has lactose and also gluttons. Therefore, people who are allergic to these should avoid the shake.

Also, a high dose should not be taken. This is a type of protein powder so a high dose is very bad for the body.

Final Verdict

Before the final verdict, look into the pros and cons of premier protein and GNC lean shake.

Premiere Protein

The pros and cons of premier protein are given below


  • Effective protein type among other competitors in the market.
  • Effective and efficient protein dose
  • Convenient to carry and eat or drink or consume.
  • This should help build muscle


  • Unhealthy additive ingredients are just like any other protein supplement.
  • Although it is cheaper than GNC. it is still expensive.
  • Packaged in plastic. Which is harmful to the environment.

GNC Lean Shake

The pros and cons of GNC Lean shake are given below


  • Whey isolate protein powder has a high protein-to-fat ratio.
  • there are 24 types of vitamins and minerals. which helps you stay on track with your nutrition.
  • there are 8 grams of fiber and 25 grams of protein. this will keep you satisfied and reduce cravings. Also, low-calorie count aids in weight loss
  • When compared to similar shakes, it is rather inexpensive.


  • People who are physically active might require extra calories and experience lesser satisfaction.
  • The flavor evaluations are generally inconsistent, with vanilla being just the poorest favored.
  • Thickness and texture are often not praised. You could require more than that two scoops of powder recommended.
  • In comparison to the competitors, it lacks superfoods, herbs, and probiotics.
  • There are no dairy-free, lactose-free, or organic ingredient claims.

After digging deep into this we can say that GNC has more value to the customers. It peaked at 85% of the comparisons and came out on top. But it does not supply enough protein. 

If you use this routine to follow diet chart, you can go for keto or portion control. You can click the link for more descriptions. 

And by any chance, if you are looking for keto diet helping supplements? Then I got some recommendations 

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Hope this helped you and that these products piqued your interest.


  • How much protein do I need?

To avoid deficiency in your diet. Around 10%-35% of calories should be protein. If not then it will

hamper your health.

  • Which is better, whey protein or casein protein? 

Although their origin is the same as that is from milk. They have different digestion times. Casein digests slowly while whey digests faster.

  • How often should you drink protein shakes?

There isn’t written anywhere that you cant have more than one protein shake a day. You can. But it kind of depends on what your body wants.


Hope it helps with your confusion about GNC Lean shake vs Premier protein.

This type of dietary measure can help you take to get the body of your dreams. Too much of anything is bad so keep everything at a healthy amount.

Until next time.

Take care.

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