Raw Egg or Boiled Egg for Bodybuilding: [Which Is Better?]

When you work out to build muscle, you need to have a significant focus on your diet. You have to consume protein-rich foods to see results. The egg is a very good option for protein intake.

Now you may have a question, raw egg or boiled egg for bodybuilding?

Both raw and boiled eggs have little difference in nutrition. But, the nutrients of boiled eggs can be absorbed more easily rather than in raw eggs. Raw eggs can contain Salmonella bacteria, which can cause serious health issues. Boiled eggs contain 6gms of protein and raw eggs contain 3gms only.   

We’ve found a solution for you! Please read the article and see if it clears up any of your doubts.

Raw Eggs or Boiled Eggs for Building Muscle?

Raw Eggs or Boiled Eggs for Building Muscle

A bacteria called Salmonella, which can cause food poisoning, can contaminate A raw egg.

A cooked or hard-boiled egg, which is equally healthy and safe, is recommended. Hard-boiled eggs, in fact, have higher nutritional value.

So, depending on your protein requirements, you can consume an egg white or a whole egg. Egg whites are considered to provide more protein. Raw eggs and boiled eggs contain the same nutritional value.

But, a hard boiled egg can be used as a safety precaution. If you want to try raw eggs, be sure they’re pasteurized. The pasteurized eggs are boiled enough to kill the Salmonella bacteria. 

Benefits of Raw and Boiled Eggs

Why do many people eat raw eggs instead of boiled eggs? Adding raw eggs to various drinks is said to gain more protein for muscle growth.

However, there are no major advantages between a raw egg and a boiled one. Raw eggs consist of more nutrition but by a tiny margin. Boiled eggs provide nutrients that are easier for your body to digest and absorb.

Should You Consume Raw Eggs?

Should You Consume Raw Eggs

Consuming raw eggs is considered safe, but there are only a few reasons for doing so. While raw eggs have the same health advantages as boiling eggs, they don’t absorb nutrients as well.

Minor risk of Salmonella food illness exists while eating raw eggs. You can follow some steps which will help you ‌reduce the risk to a bare minimum.

Anyone with a weak immune system, children, pregnant women and the elderly should avoid raw eggs. Others who want to consume raw eggs should do it at their own risk.

Side Effects of Raw Eggs

Is it safe to eat raw eggs? The answer is, not entirely. Raw eggs can contain salmonella bacteria. This can cause several health issues. The con effect is food poisoning. This can also cause diarrhoea, fever, cramps and vomiting. 

Tips to Handle Raw Eggs

  • Eating raw eggs as soon as possible after they’ve been prepared is recommended.
  • Dishes with raw eggs should only be stored for one day and should always be kept chilled. Bacteria are more vulnerable at room temperature.
  • Always remember to wash your hands properly after handling raw eggs. The chances are little, but bacteria can spread to other food in the kitchen from the eggshell.
  • It’s better to throw away the egg dish you eat raw if the eggshell falls into it.
  • Avoid uncleaned and cracked eggs. If an egg cracks while coming home, throw the whole thing away. It will cost you more, but safety first.  
  • Always keep your eggs refrigerated. This will preserve the freshness of the eggs.
  • Throw out any expired eggs. 

Boiled Eggs Good for Bodybuilding

Boiled Eggs Good for Bodybuilding

Vitamins A, E, K, B12, riboflavin, and folic acid are all found mainly in eggs. In addition to 6 grams of protein. 

Hard-boiled eggs are a nutritious food that also provides necessary amino acids. It’s necessary for muscle recovery and the absorption of nutrients like calcium and zinc. This helps you to gain muscle mass. 

Side Effects of Boiled Eggs

Consuming boiled eggs can have the side effects of stomach issues, bloating, and vomiting. Consuming too many boiled eggs can have negative effects. Despite being a strong source of protein, taking too much of it might harm the kidneys.

Do Raw Eggs Have More Protein than Boiled Eggs?

Boiled eggs have 91 per cent egg protein availability, but raw eggs have only 50 per cent. Just 3 grams of digestible protein are found in a raw egg. In comparison, a boiled egg contains over 6 grams of protein. 

Which Egg is Good for Muscle Building?

It is proven that the whole egg is better than egg white. Besides eggs, you can also have rice or potatoes for muscle building. But keep in mind the calorie intake. 

According to experts, participants who ate whole eggs had a 40% post-workout muscle growth response. It is higher than the people who ate the same amount of protein as egg whites.

Is Egg Yolk Good For Muscle Building?

Is Egg Yolk Good For Muscle Building

At first, bodybuilders used to avoid egg yolk and only focused on consuming egg whites for protein. Because of the fat and cholesterol, egg yolks contain bodybuilders used to avoid it. But now studies tell us to consume both egg white and yolk for more benefits. 

Although eating egg yolks appears to cause much more rapid increases in protein synthesis. However, when compared to egg whites, it does not appear to increase muscle mass by itself.

Egg yolks alone won’t give that much benefit. Eat it with the egg white and it will give a boost for gaining muscle. Keep in mind the amount of fat you are consuming.

Best Way to Eat Eggs for Bodybuilding

Best Way to Eat Eggs for Bodybuilding

The best way to eat eggs for bodybuilding is omelets. Recommended by many professionals. 

For a nutritious omelet, separate four eggs. In a mixing bowl, take four egg whites and combine them with one whole egg. This way will help you to gain lean muscle protein and minimum fat.

If you want to consume more fat, you can add more than 1 or 2 egg yolks. You need to be careful not to consume more fat than is necessary for a day. 

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Raw or Boiled Eggs Good for Post Workout?

Raw or Boiled Eggs Good for Post Workout

Although muscles naturally regenerate, protein is required during the first hour after exercising for good outcomes. In addition to carbs and fluids. It will help your muscle to recover quickly, as well as help to build muscle. 

As a result, protein-rich post-workout meals are recommended. Foods containing a carbohydrate source, such as eggs, milk, or chicken.

The egg is very essential for muscle recovery and muscle gain. You can consume either raw or boiled eggs as you wish. But, it’s recommended to consume boiled eggs as the nutrients can be absorbed easily. 

If you want to consume raw eggs, keep in mind that it’s pasteurized. 

Final Verdict

While both of them have benefits for muscle building, hard-boiled eggs seem to be running ahead. Raw eggs can be consumed with liquids and is a quicker method to grow muscles. For example, you can add them to your protein shake or smoothies. 

Eating boiled eggs is a better way to build muscles as the whites have more protein comparatively. They have more nutritious value compared to raw eggs. They can help you with muscle recovery and provide you with enough vitamins and minerals. 

The better choice lies upon you on which method you would prefer. If you want a quicker muscle-building experience, go for raw eggs. However, if you want a healthier way for muscle-building, boiled eggs are your go-to. 


  • Is 2 eggs enough protein after a workout?

No, after a workout 2 eggs are not sufficient. Many experts believe that 20-30 grams of high-quality protein are the ideal amount. It can help muscle protein synthesis after an exercise which you can get from 3-4eggs. 

  • Do Eggs Build Muscle?

For muscle growth and repair, protein is necessary. All nine essential amino acids are present in eggs and are also rich in protein. As a result, they’re an excellent post-workout snack. You will burn more calories if you have more muscle mass, even when you rest.

  • Why Do Athletes Eat Raw Eggs?

The egg is one of the most nutrient-dense foods. Because they are high in quality protein and include 13 different vitamins and nutrients. Raw egg whites have long been a favorite of athletes and bodybuilders for their high protein content.

  • How Many Eggs Should You Eat to Build Muscle?

The number of eggs you eat is determined by several factors. Especially if you want to build a lean muscle mass rather than fat. To gain weight, most people will need 3-6 eggs each day. Both entire eggs and egg whites can contain this substance.


After reading this article, we hope now you understand about raw egg or boiled egg for bodybuilding. Now it will be easy for you to decide. 

If you eat raw eggs, be careful of bacteria. And keep a track of the calories you are consuming a day. 

Thank you for sticking with us till the end and good luck with your workout!

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