ReliOn Prime vs Premier: Which One Is Better For You?

Are you getting cautious about your blood sugar levels and diabetes? Doctors might have suggested you keep the glucose measuring machine nearby. But you are confused and it’s okay.

So, which is the best glucose meter among ReliOn Prime vs Premier?

Prime is the most easy-to-use and affordable meter out there with better reliability. It also requires no coding skills or anything complicated. On the other hand, the premier is the latest and more updated version of prime. It included features such as voice command, app usage, and Bluetooth.

But there are more than these few things that differentiate them. For more information, you must keep reading.

Read till the end!

ReliOn Prime vs Premier: Quick Comparison

Before we can compare them with one another, we must first get to know them. They are used to measure and display the amount of glucose in your blood. 

First, you have to place a small amount of blood onto a strip. Then insert it into the device to get the result. The better the device, the better and more detailed result you will receive. Therefore, one needs to have the best device out there. 

We have to compare them against one another to see which is better. The following offers a quick comparison of the two-

FactorsReliOn PrimeReliOn Premier
Blood Needed Less than 1 microliter0.5 microliter
Processing Time7 seconds5 seconds
TypesHas no other typesHas 3 other types
FunctionsCan only measure glucose levelHas low glucose warning, voice command, Bluetooth 
AppCannot be usedCan be used
ReliabilityMore Less
Price of The Meter$9.00Starting from $9.00 to $19.44
Price of The Strips0.20 cents/strip0.20 cents/strip
AvailabilityCurrently not available at WalmartAvailable at Walmart

Now that we have some ideas regarding them, it would help us to choose. But still isn’t sufficient enough to make the decision. Because of this, it is important that we thoroughly understand and contrast them.

Let’s take a look!

ReliOn Prime vs Premier: Extended Comparison

Hope the table prepared you for the face-to-face comparisons. We will guide your decision and point out the best option for you. Let’s get right to the facts, then.

Blood Needed

Both the machine measures the glucose level in your body. It analyzes it after the blood is placed on the strip and then inserted into it. 

For the prime, the blood needed is a little less than 1 microliter. On the contrary, you can do the whole process with only 0.5 microliters of blood. 

Winner: Premier does that more efficiently with almost 0.5 microliters less blood. 

Processing Time

After inserting the strip, the meter takes a few moments to process the blood. The processing depends on the internal hardware. 

For prime, it is around 7 seconds and for premier, it is around 5 seconds.

Winner: Premier is almost 2 seconds faster and more efficient. 


One has the choice to pick between them when there are a diversity of types. The freedom to choose also gives the user one kind of satisfaction. 

Prime doesn’t have any other types to choose from. On the other hand, the premier has 3 other types other than classic. 

Winner: Premier is a clear winner in this category.


The main factor that differentiates them is their functions. It varies a lot from prime to premier. Premier also has some different versions of it with different features. First, we have to see those features to know if they are the deal breaker. 

ReliOn Prime

It is the most basic and easy-to-use device out there. As it requires the user to only use the device accordingly and nothing else. To use it, you don’t need any specialized knowledge or coding knowledge. 

Additionally, no prescription is needed. It is available for use whenever and wherever you desire. You can get your result in an instance.

ReliOn Premier

As it has different versions for different users. The features of each device differ greatly from one another.


It is the most standard version. With a very easy-to-use manual. Even a 5-year-old can use it properly. It also has a warning for low blood sugar. 

It will help the user to keep track of their glucose level. Also, they can act upon it very quickly due to this feature. Some people also use Levemir to lower their blood sugar.

You can use an app that it has as well. Which will help you to see and get the data and result instantly on your phone. You can then very easily print it out.


Unlike other versions, it has all the necessary items included in the box. Such as strips and lancing devices. It also has that app feature to keep track of your glucose level.


It is for people with eye problems and those who are old. It works in voice command. It reads back the result so that the user can hear it. 


It has a Bluetooth feature. You can connect it with your other devices to use it remotely. So you’ll also be able to acquire the result there.

Winner: Premier has a lot more functions than its counterpart. 


For the prime, you have to measure and check the data manually in a spreadsheet. However, you may quickly view all the data remotely with the app. Having all the data in one location makes it easier to keep track of it all.

Winner: Premier is also a clear winner in this category.


Checking the reliability of the devices is a must. As they help us monitor the glucose level of our body. Misreading the result may cause severe health concerns. Especially if the blood sugar is higher than it should be.

We must conduct some tests in order to determine the device’s reliability. Firstly, we should take a few drops of blood from the fingertip. Then use the same blood to do both a lap test and measure it by the meter. 

Then we should compare both of their results. If the results are within 15% of each other then we can say they are accurate. 

According to user reviews, both the meters don’t give the same results as they should. They are 15-20mg/dL apart from each other. This shouldn’t be the case for health-related equipment. 

Most of the users preferred the prime even though they had to manually check the data.

Winner: In this case, prime is more reliable than premier.


The thing that we might think differentiates them is the price. But surprisingly both the meter and their strips cost exactly the same amount. 

Both the meters cost around $9.00. Though premier compact and other versions cost a little bit more. But the strips are exactly 0.20 cents per strip. 

Winner: There is no clear winner as both of them cost the same amount.


They are made in Walmart. ReliOn Premier is the latest version of the prime. Which was released a long time ago. Due to a lot of factors, currently, the prime is not available in Walmart. It is very difficult to find, unlike its counterpart the premier.

Winner: Premier is still available on the market, which makes it a clear winner.

Which One Is Better For You?

After the face-to-face comparison, the result might seem very clear to you. As most of the category was won by the premier. 

A large number of people with diabetes also endorse it. Considering that it is both inexpensive and equipped with many useful functions.

However, it is preferable to manage the sugar level. Eating chicken liver will lower your sugar level. Also, there are a few highly recommended medications that you can use. They are-

Frontline DiabetesIt helps to lower blood sugar. Also, it prevents and fights against diabetes.
GlucofreezeIt aids in maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels.
Gluco Shield ProIt helps to maintain your blood sugar level at a healthy level.


Does Squeezing Your Finger Affect the Readings Of The Meter?

Yes, it does. Too much pressure on your finger changes and interferes with the result. According to research, almost 15% of the participants in the experiment had different results. Because they had put pressure on their fingers. 

Can You Get Different Results Based On Different Fingers?

Yes, you can. As the sugar level changes rapidly on the fingertip. Which may cause the result to change slightly. WHO recommends using the ring or middle finger to do the test. As other fingers may have too thin or thick skin to inject the lancing device.

Why Is Wiping The First Drop Of Blood Important?

The number of platelets is higher in the initial drop of blood. This can seal the wounded place faster. Even before you can get enough blood to do the test. This is why we do dual wipes. It ensures larger and longer blood flow to do the test properly.


I hope you’re no longer confused about ReliOn Prime vs Premier.

Both of them do a similar thing. But while doing so, sometimes one is superior to the other and vice versa. But the premier has a lot of modern functions than the other. This offers it an advantage over the opposition.

That’s why I would prefer to recommend premier. 

Have a healthy life!

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