Carey Nelson Marquez, MS, CCC-SLP

Carey Nelson Marquez Speech Therapy


Categories:   Voice Training
  • Sliding Fee Scale   Yes


Speech therapy services and voice training for individuals in transition. Also provides consultation, assessment and intervention for other issues surrounding speech, language, voice, cognition and swallowing.

  Populations Served

  • MTFs / Trans Women

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1 review on 05/25/2017



Review: Amy L on 05/25/2017

I met with Carey in April 2017 for a no-charge intake visit. I found her to be warm & engaging as well as very cognizant of how to interact with transgender people. After completing her intake questionnaire we talked for about twenty minutes about my goals and she explained some basics about the care & mechanics of the voice. We jointly decided that I would wait to start working with her until I start HRT, which will hopefully begin at the end of July 2017. She repeatedly stressed that she employs a sliding scale for voice training with transgender clients, and does not want anyone who needs her services to go without care because they have budgetary constraints. She did ask me to estimate how much I could afford to spend, and again stressed that she's committed to using a sliding scale. During her own training as an SLP she worked with the transgender voice program at the nearby University. I definitely plan to start working with her later this year. She had no staff, which is why I didn't rate that category.

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