Sheena Hoffmann, PsyD


Categories:   Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, HIV / STI Services, Individual Therapy


My primary areas of interest are: sexual identity development and sexual functioning, transgenderism and gender expression, sexual education, women's issues, trauma, STD's/HIV/AIDS, and drug & alcohol use. I deeply enjoy working with these concerns via individual, couple, family, and group therapy. My therapeutic orientation is largely guided by interpersonal, cognitive behavioral, social learning, and feminist theory.

  Populations Served

  • FTMs / Trans Men
  • HIV+
  • MTFs / Trans Women

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1 review on 11/21/2016



Review: Apg on 11/21/2016

I would not recommend this therapist if you are male or not a fully entrenched member of the LGBT+ community. She is not knowledgeable on safe sex techniques for M/F couples (unfamiliar with standard condom use and adaptations for comfort). She also actively tries to vilify non LGBT partnerships. She appears to look for opportunities to condemn heterosexual individuals for their privilege.

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