Amanda Beer, PhD

Associates in Behavioral Health


Categories:   Adolescent Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Medicine, Individual Therapy


My general approach to practice focuses on collaboration and empowerment. I feel it is important to understand the ways that your cultural background, family, unique experiences, and social forces have affected your life and current situation. In regards to work with trans*/gender variant people specifically, I consider my training and experience an ever evolving process, and I consider you, the client, the expert in your own experience of gender. I sought a doctoral training program focused specifically on multicultural competency and social justice. I began seeking personal and professional opportunities for training and advocacy with trans*/gender variant people as a graduate student and have continued to do so throughout my career. Since moving to Seattle and starting private practice in 2012, I have participated in the Gender Odyssey professional conference and regularly attend the Ingersoll Consult Group for medical and mental health professionals that provide affirming services to trans*/gender variant people. I welcome you to schedule a free consultation appointment with me to determine if I would be a good fit for you.

I collaborate with the client to make sure that they are informed of the standards/models and what they mean. I will write recommendation letters in accordance with client's needs/desires and collaborate with medical providers as deemed fit by client.

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