James Wilterding

SE Heights Clinic (UNM)


Categories:   Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Primary Care


UNM Hospitals' Southeast Heights Clinic offers Family Practice and OB/GYN services. The Clinic provides patients with their primary care needs in both pediatric and adult services through Family Medicine for individuals from birth through their senior years. The Southeast Heights Clinic offers specialized services in OB/GYN through the Department of Family Practice and through the department of Maternal and Family Planning. Patients that are seen at the Southeast Heights Clinic include those who seek preventive medicine, family planning, prenatal and post natal care and those who are being treated for chronic diseases. The clinic offers case management and social work services for individuals who need assistance in achieving their individual health care goals.

  Populations Served

  • Children (under 18)
  • Seniors
  • Youth (ages 11-24)

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