Joanna Russell, MSc


Categories:   Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Online Therapy


At different times we all need someone to talk to. We need someone who can help us see things with a different perspective, someone who is not a part of our everyday life, someone who respects confidences.

“Temenos” is a Greek word meaning “sacred space”. It refers to a space set apart for a specific purpose; a space with boundaries around it.

My goal is to provide just such a space for every one of my clients – space to explore things that are difficult to talk about, space to discover renewed direction when life gets complicated. Everyone brings something different to counselling. With your willingness to embark on a journey, and my experience of listening and accepting unconditionally, my hope is that together we can enable the changes that you would like to make.

My practice is based in the west of Glasgow, just off the A82 Great Western Road. I am also open to working with you on Skype.

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