Shari Slebodnik, MS, LLP

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Categories:   Community Education & Trainings, Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Life Coaching, Support Groups
  • Sliding Fee Scale   Yes


Shari is experienced with Individual and Relationship Counseling for those in an Alternative Relationship or who identify within the LGBTQIA communities, Sexual Dysfunction (ED, etc.), Anxiety Disorders (OCD, anxiety, etc.), Mood Disorders (Bipolar, etc.), Adolescent Counseling, and Career/Life-Coaching. Her professional expertise has been primarily grounded within the issues relating to Transgender Care, Sexual Orientation, and Alternative lifestyles (polyamory, fetishism, etc.). She has originated, and facilitated, an open Support Group for the past 6 years, which is dedicated to the support and advocacy of Gender-Variant Individuals.

Has signed Affirmations' Community Standards of Practice, a twelve point document that asserts that a provider's health care services are inclusive of the diversity found in the LGBTQ communities.

  Populations Served

Bisexual, Black / African American, FTMs / Trans Men, Gay, Kinky, ...

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1 review on 09/03/2015



Review: MItransguy on 09/03/2015

Dr. Slebodnik was the therapist of a close friend of mine; a transman with bipolar disorder.. He showed up one day for therapy to find that she was not there and would no longer be seeing him. My friend resorted to suicide in December. We later found out that Dr. Slebodnik had recently lost a family member to issues related to bipolar disorder, and seeing my friend in therapy was too emotionally difficult for her. While I understand she had her own personal issues to deal with, I am furious she abandoned my friend's treatment so abruptly, and with no attempt to connect him with a different provider. If you have bipolar disorder or suicidal ideation, do not seek this provider. I honestly wouldn't recommend her even if you don't.

(Full disclosure: I have never been a patient of Dr. Slebodnik.)

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