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Metro Community Health Center (MCHC) exists to serve the needs of our patients. It is a privilege to work here and know that everyone is focused primarily on caring for our patients and not on generating revenue. As a 501c(3) non-profit organization, we serve the Swissvale, Wilkinsburg and neighboring regions, to provide comprehensive health care to all individuals regardless of their ability to pay. MCHC has provided health care for over a decade, with physicians who specialize in family practice, geriatrics, women's health as well as holistic and integrative care and HIV and LGBT comprehensive care.

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FTMs / Trans Men, HIV+, Intersex, Masculine of Center, MTFs / ...

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1 review on 09/12/2015



Review: vhough on 09/12/2015

They helped me work through all of my weird intersex hormonal stuff to finally start taking T. It is very easy to contact your provider through their online portal. They lose a .5, though, because there was a nurse there who was _terrible_ at drawing blood. Sweet lady, but mangled me every time.

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