A.C. Demidont, DO



Categories:   Adolescent Medicine, Family Medicine, Feminizing Hormones, Internal Medicine, Masculinizing Hormones, Pediatrics, Primary Care
  • WPATH Standards of Care   Yes


Dr. Demidont hopes to continue CIRCLE CARE Center’s strong STI and HIV prevention mission through enhanced utilization of antiretrovirals as both Pre- and Post- Exposure for HIV and non-judgmental HIV and sexually transmitted diseases screenings for LGBQ and Transgender adolescents and adults.

Dr. Demidont also specializes in working with transgender and non-gender conforming individuals ages 13 and above by providing gender affirming hormone therapy, help with affirmation of gender on legal/travel documents, referrals to gender affirming surgeons and truly hopes to make CIRCLE CARE Center a medical home for transgender individuals in Connecticut!

  Populations Served

  • HIV+
  • Queer
  • Youth (ages 11-24)

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