Kristen Vierregger, MD

Metamorphosis Medical Center


Categories:   Endocrinology, Feminizing Hormones, Masculinizing Hormones
  • WPATH Standards of Care   Yes


I began providing hormone therapy for patients with Gender Dysphoria when I learned how frustrating and difficult it has been for those in the Orange County, CA, area to find trans*-affirming and trans*-competent care.

So much of this path is challenging; finding a physician who provides a safe, compassionate, respectful environment - and skilled care - should not be!

Since extending my services to the trans* and gender non-conforming community, I have been honored with their trust and inspired every day by the stories of courage and resilience my patients share with me. I receive the added benefit of being a joyful witness to the transformation that inevitably occurs when hormone levels are adequately and consistently maintained.

  Populations Served

  • Non-Binary

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