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We are a group of people with varied sexual identities, including, Transsexual, Transgender, Questioning Trans, Cross dresser, Transvestite, etc. Everything that remotely crosses the gender barrier. Our membership includes people from Truth or Consequences, Silver City, Deming, and El Paso Texas.

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Feminine of Center, FTMs / Trans Men, Masculine of Center, MTFs / ...

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1 review on 10/27/2015



Review: Laurian on 10/27/2015

So, I've only been there once. If you have a question, they will try to answer it, so they're a good resource. Just seeing real live transgender people makes me feel not as alone. I think we are online too much. This is just a group of very nice people who meet monthly at a local church and have a monthly outing at a restaurant. Spouses/partners are welcome.

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