Sugar Me, Julie!


Categories:   Electrolysis / Hair Removal
  • ADA/Wheelchair Accessible   Yes

  • Sliding Fee Scale   No


Sugar Me, Julie! provides confidential, compassionate, expert sugaring hair removal services. If you are LGBTQIA, you have a SAFE AND LOVING HOME for your hair removal with me. Your body is sacred and your right to have it however you want it is paramount. I provide Sugaring Hair Removal services to ALL people who are 18 and older (16 and older with parental consent). If you are transitioning to female, book according to quantity and density of the hair. Mens' services are priced (higher) according to time and effort. As we work together, the services will get easier and faster and the $ and time will decrease.

  Populations Served

American Indian, Asexual, Asian & Pacific Islanders, Black / ...

Sun - 10 - 4:30; Mon - 10 - 6; Tues - Noon - 8; Wed - 10 - 4; Thurs - 10-7 (CAPITOL HILL!); Fri - 10 - 6; Sat (By Appointment Only)

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