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Career Services is here to help the students and recent graduates of the University of California identify and fulfill their career goals. We serve as the bridge between their college experience and employment or graduate school, helping them apply what they have learned.

Emmie Matsuno is a practicum student at Career Services and am very excited to be working here with students. I am a third year PhD student in Counseling Psychology at UCSB. My research focuses on LGBT mental health and I am specifically interested in supporting the trans community. I have a strong passion for research, teaching, mentoring, and serving LGBT populations and hope to combine these interests through obtaining a career in academia at a research institution. I feel as though my career path has been somewhat odd, because it has been pretty straight forward, unlike my friends who have gone through lots of stress thinking about career paths. I doubled majored in music and psychology in college and by my junior year my heart was set on going to graduate school and becoming a professor. I worked very hard and was lucky enough to be admitted to my top choice PhD program here at UCSB. Although graduate school is quite stressful, I find counseling, mentoring, and teaching to be very personally rewarding, which keeps me going. In other words, it pays my “emotional salary” for the work that I do (Also, I don’t have an actual salary yet).

  Populations Served

  • College Students
  • FTMs / Trans Men
  • MTFs / Trans Women
  • Queer

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