Asian Human Services


Categories:   Case Management, Couples Therapy, Employment Services, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, HIV / STI Services, Housing Services, Individual Therapy, Primary Care, Psychiatry, Sexual Assault / Intimate Partner Violence Services


Client-centered, quality and compassionate services to Asian immigrants and other underserved communities so that they can fully participate in society, prosper and thrive.

Mental Health: Individual, Family, Couples & Group Counseling, Psychiatric Care/Medication Management

Health Care: Primary Care/Comprehensive Care; Dental Care (Minors; Sliding Scale for qualified adults); Community Health; HIV Prevention, testing, Individual & Counseling, Case-Management, Housing Advocacy; Multicultural Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation Services; Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention

Education: ESL & Computer Skills Classes

Areas of Specialization:
o Staff speak more than 28 languages.
o Specialized to serve LGBT populations and clients with PTSD.
o Experience working with victims of human trafficking in the sex trade and victims of domestic violence.

  Populations Served

Adults, Asian & Pacific Islanders, FTMs / Trans Men, Immigrants & ...

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