Jaime Nevins, LMT

Back Together Massage


Categories:   Massage, Support Groups
  • ADA/Wheelchair Accessible   Yes

  • Sliding Fee Scale   Yes


Our bodies have an amazing ability to survive. We are often able to tune out our pain in order to move through crisis and trauma. It is easy to move from one crisis to the next, however, without taking time to address our injuries. Unfortunately, ignoring pain doesn't make it go away.

We all have stress. Gender and sexual minorities and other marginalized groups that experience discrimination, often have a higher rate of stress. Survivors of sexual assault, Veterans and others that suffer from PTSD may have some level of anxiety all the time.

I have advocated in clinics that provided health care based on feminist ideals for seven years. I learned the most effective way to facilitate someone’s healing is to respect their process, to meet a client where they’re at. My goal is to provide a safe space for all bodies to slow down, release some tension and allow the mind and body to come back together.

Jaime also runs a trans support group

  Populations Served

Adults, Children (under 18), FTMs / Trans Men, Intersex, Military, ...

Mon, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm; Tues, 6 am - 11 am; Thurs, Fri, 2 pm - 8 pm; Sat 8:30 am - 3 am

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