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Categories:   Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Sex Therapy


Dr. Chris Kraft is a licensed psychologist and AASECT certified sex therapist specially trained to achieve pragmatic and solution-oriented results for couples and individuals. His goal is to improve each person's happiness as it relates to their sexual intimacy, expression and identity.

Dr. Kraft specializes in the evaluation and treatment of all sexual and gender conditions: low sexual desire, erection, orgasm and arousal difficulties, genital pain conditions, sexual addiction and compulsivity, internet pornography, marital infidelity, sexual orientation, cross dressing, gender concerns, and other unique fetishes and sexual attractions.

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Adults, FTMs / Trans Men, MTFs / Trans Women, Partners / Family, ...

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1 review on 07/17/2016



Review: Suzi G on 07/17/2016

I went to Dr. Kraft in the throes of a gender crisis. I was coming to terms with my gender issues and I needed help sorting them out. I have three serious problems with Dr. Kraft's care.

1. As a condition of helping me, he required me to go to the Johns Hopkins Sexual Behaviors Unit (JHSBU) for an eval before he would treat me. I had to wait two and a half months for an appointment and to take off a half day of work. At the JHSBU, I was misgendered repeatedly, asked irrelevant questions about my sexual behavior by a practitioner who admitted she had only once before worked with a trans person. A report was produced (but not shared with me until many months later and then only when I demanded) which misgendered me throughout and recommended that I be persuaded to slow down my transition. My experience at the JHSBU was humiliating and decided anti-trans by any measure.

2. Unbeknownst to me, Dr. Kraft's therapy followed the recommendations in that report (though I still hadn't seen it) instead of addressing the specific concerns I brought to therapy. I could not figure out why he kept raising issues that I had already told him I wasn't concerned with until I read the report.

3. I question Dr. Kraft's knowledge of the transition process. He told me several things that I now know are blatantly counterfactual, including that HRT would not diminish my body hair in the slightest (it has, in a major way) and that it would not help the shape of my face (it has also helped that in a major way).

My recommendation is that Dr. Kraft not be used as a gender therapist and that prospective patients UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should submit to an evaluate at the Johns Hopkins Sexual Behaviors Unit.

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