Greg Lehne, PhD


Categories:   Individual Therapy, Psychological Evaluation / Assessment


Dr. Lehne specializes in evaluation and treatment for sexual and gender concerns. He is also Assistant Professor of Medical Psychology, Psychology Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and was a faculty member at the Sexual Disorders Clinic from 1983-1992.

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1 review on 07/17/2016



Review: Suzi G on 07/17/2016

I went to Dr. Lehne to get a second letter for my reassignment surgery. He spoke with me for an hour for which he charged $190. At the end of the hour, he told me he wasn't ready to write a letter for me. He gave two reasons. First, that I was still living with my ex-spouse, and she might sue me. (We were in divorce negotiations at the time and hadn't yet determined who would stay in the house). Second, that I might change my mind before I had surgery. I don't understand why either of those should disqualify me from surgery. I ended up going to a different provider who was happy to write me a letter. I can't say what sort of therapist he might be, but I would not recommend him as someone to write a surgery letter.

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