Greg Lehne, PhD


Categories:   Individual Therapy, Psychological Evaluation / Assessment


Dr. Lehne specializes in evaluation and treatment for sexual and gender concerns. He is also Assistant Professor of Medical Psychology, Psychology Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and was a faculty member at the Sexual Disorders Clinic from 1983-1992.

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2 reviews over 07/17/2016 to 10/18/2018



Review: pedro on 10/18/2018

Realistically, one star is generous but it's the lowest I can give. I was seeking a trans-competent therapist, and Dr. Lehne is listed as one in the Baltimore area. I had just one session with Dr. Lehne, in which he did most of the talking- advice giving, not asking questions or attempting to understand my experience. I transitioned over 13 years ago and have ample experience in therapy, both out of desire for personal growth and out of necessity, for letters of support for surgeries. I sought therapy with Dr. Lehne for the former. After getting some basics about my life, Dr. Lehne seemed more than comfortable commenting on my life circumstances, my familial relationships, my friendships, and my awareness/knowledge of my own experience. He insisted that I, as a transman with predominantly trans friends (happily, and by choice), should seek out more friendships with cismen, so that I can better assimilate with male culture and thus become more comfortable in my maleness. This advice was unsolicited and unhelpful, and in fact felt quite intrusive and harmful. Although I was not seeking a letter for surgery, he asked deeply personal questions about the surgical procedures I've had, none of which were relevant to the family of origin work I was there to do- and certainly none of which were relevant in the first session. In general, his behavior and energy felt entitled, guarded, presumptuous, and arrogant, and was heavily laden with cissexism and all kinds of privilege. His approach was fully ineffective, as he seemed more interested in telling me what he thought of my life than helping me to explore my experience of my life. I'm not sure how or why he is working with the trans community, but I feel deep compassion for people who aren't in a good enough place to recognize that they deserve better and that better therapists are out there. Please, be careful and go into the consultation with eyes open if you decide to see this provider.

Review: Suzi G on 07/17/2016

I went to Dr. Lehne to get a second letter for my reassignment surgery. He spoke with me for an hour for which he charged $190. At the end of the hour, he told me he wasn't ready to write a letter for me. He gave two reasons. First, that I was still living with my ex-spouse, and she might sue me. (We were in divorce negotiations at the time and hadn't yet determined who would stay in the house). Second, that I might change my mind before I had surgery. I don't understand why either of those should disqualify me from surgery. I ended up going to a different provider who was happy to write me a letter. I can't say what sort of therapist he might be, but I would not recommend him as someone to write a surgery letter.

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