Michelle Bogarth-Monteith, MA, NCC


Categories:   Individual Therapy
  • Informed Consent / ICATH Provider   Yes

  • WPATH Standards of Care   Yes


My approach to counseling is identity-affirming, sex positive, and culturally responsive. Specifically, I am skilled in partner therapy (monogamous and polyamorous) and with those that identify along the sexual and gender identity spectrum. Personally, I identify as gender fluid and live in Denver with my partner, Angela.

In regards to partner therapy, I have extensive experience working with couples that have recently opened up their relationship. My work with them is to create a secure foundation that can support healthy poly relationships. Opening up tends to highlight important areas of growth.

For clients seeking hormone/hormone blockers and/or SRS/GRS surgery letters, I take the informed consent model but many doctors and surgeons continue to require referral letters. Therefore, I can write them in line with WPATH Standards of Care.

  Populations Served

  • FTMs / Trans Men
  • MTFs / Trans Women
  • Partners / Family
  • Polyamorous
  • Queer

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