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ManCave Chicago is a peer lead group for individuals that were Assigned/Designated Female at Birth (A/DFAB) AND ALSO who identify as trans, i.e., as anything other than cisgender. We seek to provide a safer space for meeting, discussing, learning, collaborating, socializing, providing eldership, and the building of community. Our meeting space at Center on Halsted is also ADA-accessible!

We hold regular meetings on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month, which are topic-driven and take the following format: Introductions (name, pronoun, silly question), Working Agreements, Highs/Lows, Topic (released here and on our website early in the week), Checkout, and Announcements. Friday events are held at Center on Halsted in Chicago (3656 N. Halsted) from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. We usually meet in room 201 or 202, but you can also check with the front desk for the exact location.

In addition to the weekly meetings at Center on Halsted, we have lots of other opportunities for bonding and fun! A few of the events that you may look forward to are: ManCave Goes Camping, ManCave Goes to the Beach, ManCave Does IML, ManCave Potluck, and THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!

On the 2nd Friday of each month, we have "F#ck Your Feelings 2nd Fridays: A Rotating Activity Jubilee." These meetings do not adhere to a specific format and casual conversation is the norm. The activity will be announced early in the week, and are on a wide variety of topics. These meetings are occasionally open to allies!

On the 4th Friday of each month, we hold ManCave Plus. This is always an open meeting, to which members are encouraged to bring family, friends, partners, allies, etc (but never students or reporters). The format closely resembles that of the regular meetings, except that there is no set topic. Please do come prepared with any talking points or questions that you may have! Before the meeting starts, there will be an opportunity to write these down, so that they may be drawn and asked anonymously during any lulls in conversation. For those already familiar: oh, yeah, Dump Truck of Love!!!

  Populations Served

  • FTMs / Trans Men
  • Non-Binary

1st and 3rd Fridays of each month: 6:30pm-8:30pm

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ManCave meets in real time/space at the Center on Halsted on Fridays. They also have "popup" events in other places/times. Their Facebook group, ManCave Chicago is also a valuable online resource. Organizers regularly solicit input and feedback from members in order to best meet the social and collective needs of the group.

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