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CHN’s Transgender Family Program was founded in 2004 after we saw a lack of HIV services in the transgender community. CHN’s Transgender Program offers three programs for people of transgender experience. The CABS Health Center has served the Brooklyn communities of Williamsburg and Bushwick since 1969.

Alternative number Julian Cabezas (347) 578-1743 or Paul Regoord (646) 483-3977.

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Adults, Children (under 18), FTMs / Trans Men, MTFs / Trans Women, ...

8-8 on Monday-Friday and 9-5 on Saturdays. Appointments necessary.

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1 review on 08/09/2017



Review: Damien Basile on 08/09/2017

I went to a primary care physician for the first time in years yesterday. I'm also about 1 month into having healthcare -

medicaid to be precise (no shame or stigma in needing assistance). This is the first time (outside of my LGBT+ sexual health / PrEP clinic) that I have felt welcomed, cared for, and included in a PCP / doctor's office. They have LGBT+ inclusive signs and literature everywhere. The employees are wearing rainbow pins in different shapes on their lanyards. There is a large sign with the trans flag as the background with writing on it. There's signage about the difference between PrEP and PEP. The clinic is a mixture of hispanic/latinx (as they are area residents) and LGBT+. It's wonderful.

My doctor was really thorough and caring. She asked me about a lot of things, and when I couldn't remember one of the issues I had because of her questions it prompted me to remember, and it was a big important one. I got a referral to a dermatologist, a referral for an ultrasound, medication I needed, and I visited with her social worker, who truly listened to me and I finally felt heard for the first time. From that visit she helped me with resources for my mental health appointment and I got it pushed up to tomorrow. Tomorrow I go for a basic mental health assessment then hopefully a psychiatrist referral so we can assess if I need meds and if so what kind and how much.

I'm finally taking charge of my health, because I'm able to from having health insurance. I'm SO HAPPY my PCP & mental health (and dental?) is literally a 5 min walk from my apt. I feel good about this. Hopefully I can become the healthiest I can be soon enough.

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