Rachel Wardell, PA-C

Penobscot Community Health Care


Categories:   Family Medicine, Primary Care


We provide comprehensive, integrated primary health care services for all to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients and the Maine communities we serve.

Vision for Success
Our vision for success is a community in which everyone has access to quality, cost effective health care, where people are empowered to advocate for their personal goals and needs and are supported by community based resources, and where health encompasses physical and emotional wellness, personal dignity and a sense of belonging.

Patient Centered Care — We commit not only to building the infrastructure for patient centeredness, but also to embracing the evolution of our personal roles, responsibilities and attitudes as we shift to a collaborative, team based model of care, partnered with the patient. We work to integrate community based resources, family, and health care services in order to promote wellness, manage disease, advocate for helpful public policy and celebrate successes.

Respect — We strive to understand the full picture of our patients’ lives and all of the factors which impact their wellbeing, to consider those strengths and challenges as we provide care, to understand who they are in their family, workplace and community, and to ask about and listen for what matters most to them. We also commit, on a daily basis, to understand the role of our co-workers, to support each other in those roles, to properly value the contribution that every person makes to our success in fulfilling our mission, to communicate richly, to work together to solve problems and address challenges, and to interact with humor and good nature.

Passion — We believe that health care is an inherent human right. We share an intellectual and emotional commitment to the care of our patients, which motivates us, sustains us and creates a generosity of spirit as we work together to fulfill our mission.

Quality — We understand that quality occurs both in medical decision making and in human interaction, and that there is value both in that which we can measure, and in that which relies on our best nature and commitment to serve. We work for continuous improvement, in systems, in the effectiveness and efficiency of our care, in the experience of our patients and in the satisfaction of our team.

Innovation — We seek to challenge ourselves and each other, to innovate and to evaluate our work with humility as we undertake this bold endeavor.

Collaboration — We embrace a collaborative spirit as we strive to fulfill our mission, and as we work with partners in our communities and across the state to transform health care.

  Populations Served

  • Adults
  • FTMs / Trans Men
  • MTFs / Trans Women

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