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I graduated in 2007 from the American Institute of Electrolysis in California. 4 years following graduation I worked doing electrolysis very part-time in my home. In November of 2010 I opened up in Envious Styles Hair Salon, where I operated for 2.5 years. I moved locations in July of 2013 to Simpsonville, to be closer to home. I also hold a Certification in Surgical Assistant, which I worked for 8 years doing. My experience as Surgical Assistant has given me an advantage of greater sterilizing techniques and has also helped with precise and sturdy hands. Along with a better knowledge of the human body. At the American Institute of Electrolysis I trained in using 3 different modalities in Electrolysis:

The 3 modalities:

--Galvanic-the hair root is destroyed by chemical action

--Thermolysis-the hair root is destroyed by heat production(my preferred method)

--Blend-combination of the two methods above

I use the newest most advanced technology in electrolysis. I also use sterile disposable probes for every treatment. I love being an electroysis, it is a very rewarding occupation.

  Populations Served

  • MTFs / Trans Women

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