Rosabel C. Harris, MA, LMHC


Categories:   Adolescent Therapy, Art Therapy, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Eating Disorders, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Sex Therapy
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Transgender Hormone and Surgical Referral Letters, Transgender mental health.

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Asexual, Children (under 18), Demisexual, Feminine of Center, FTMs ...

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1 review on 03/29/2016



Review: Sara I on 03/29/2016

Rosabel Harris is the second mental health provider I got to write a referral letter for surgery. Like the other therapist I saw, I didn't need any therapy from her, going to her was merely a necessary formality because the state required two mental health professionals to sign off on surgery probably due to consent requirements.

This was very annoying, as I'd already had medical treatment from my primary care doctor, OBGYN, and had pre-surgical counseling with my surgeon, and so this was essentially two extra (and potentially costly and time consuming) layers of bureaucracy.

Rosabel was understanding of this, and was able to fit me in for a quick assessment ("yes, I can see you're transgender") and signed off on a letter recommending me as a candidate for surgery.

She fit me in very quickly, and at low cost, (I was low income and she very kindly lowered the cost to very affordable) and saw me and got a letter written all within three weeks or so.

There were a couple concerns. One, is she had a very cool demeanor. While she saw me very quickly, and with my spouse, she insisted on doing a therapy session and seemed intent on finding some sort of "juicy gossip" about my life. She seemed very disappointed to find that I was just a very socially well-adjusted person with a loving, supportive spouse, and stable spiritual practice, supportive friends, and got good grades in college.

She seemed real intent on finding some juicy drama, and seemed very disappointed that she didn't find any. Maybe this is just a trait of some therapists, but it was a bit unnerving, and odd.

She did write the letter immediately though, I have to give her high marks for her quick delivery.

One thing I would point out, is it was a little complicated to pay her. I was paying in cash, and she didn't take debit cards, or paypal, so we ended up having to put cash in the mailbox a week or so later.

One good plus, is I think she's updated her insurance information to take a lot of different insurance providers now, which wasn't the case when I was there, so that's a plus!

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