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My Mission Is expert Electrolysis hair removal at a lower cost:

Whether you're Black, White, Asian, Male, Female, Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender, Rich or Poor, YOU CAN AFFORD THIS! Whatever type of hair - from peach fuzz to heavy thick grey,white,black,blonde, or curly ingrown hairs, Electrolysis hair removal permanently removes it.

I'm dedicated to providing inexpensive permanent hair removal in NYC at an affordable price while protecting your skin. My method is electrolysis hair removal which is the only permanent method not just in New York but anywhere. As a transgender Electrologist myself, I understand the special needs of my transgender & gay clients.

Transsexuals have special needs that many other permanent hair removal electrologists shy away from or charge extra for, such as hair removal on the scrotum, or genitals. I don’t charge extra because I know this is necessary for many of my transgender clients. Transgender hair removal also focuses on removing beard hair permanently while protecting the skin.

Situated in Chelsea NY, the geographic heart of the gay/lesbian community, I am the source for gay electrolysis in New York City (easy access from Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx). With gay electrolysis, I want my clients to feel comfortable and to know they are not being judged because they want to remove hair from their genitals or buttocks as might be the case with other electrologists. Permanent hair removal for men is also one of my specialties, removal of or thinning out of overly thick beard hairs that cause irritation. To do male hair removal below the belt you need good hand eye coordination. Permanent hair removal for women involves removal of chin hairs, facial hairs, hairs around the nipples, lower stomach, as well as bikini area. Having a private and conveniently located office really helps to make a new level of electrolysis hair removal in New York.

So think of me as not just offering transgender electrolysis or gay hair removal in NYC but Electrolysis hair removal for everyone. With other hair removal in NYC, it’s just too expensive to be effective. Many times to permanently remove hair from an area, you need to go once a week. If everyone else is charging over $100 an hour then it’s an additional rent payment! That’s why I’m the source for permanent hair removal in New York. My mission is to get you a smooth body - not to "sell packages"-that will leave you hairy! Think of Shelly Electrolysis in NYC.


Shelly Mayron

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1 review on 04/04/2016



Review: Sydney on 04/04/2016

Shelly does quality work and is professional and a joy to talk to when she is working on you. She is talented at what she does and trust her completely with my delicate face.

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