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Howard Brown Health Center


Categories:   Psychiatry
  • Informed Consent / ICATH Provider   Yes

  • ADA/Wheelchair Accessible   Yes

  • Sliding Fee Scale   Yes


Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Adults, Children (under 18), College Students, Health at Every ...

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1 review on 05/01/2016



Review: luxxk on 05/01/2016

I was a patient of Dr. Nash for almost 2 years. He was my first psychiatrist and that made the whole process a little scary. He was also the only sliding scale provider that I had access to and could afford. He was very professional and courteous. He always seemed genuinely concerned for my needs, and was only frustrated with me a couple of times over that stretch. He was affirming of my identities - trans masculine/gender queer, sexual trauma and childhood abuse survivor and poor. I am white and cannot attest to his competency with POC. I had positive experiences with all of the HBHC staff that I encountered during my time seeing him.

It is very difficult to become a patient because he is the only psychiatrist working with Howard Brown and is usually fully booked. I had to be referred through my primary care physician at Howard Brown. Once I became a patient (a month or two long process), scheduling appointments and follow ups with him was easy. He is damn near impossible to contact outside of your physical appointments, though. You're not able to communicate with him via phone or Howard Brown's portal because he is not a full time staff member and does not have provider privileges.

A bit more info about my struggles and Dr. Nash's responses to them: I had attention problems and was failing out of college when we first started meeting. He diagnosed me with ADHD and prescribed me appropriate meds covered by my insurance (countycare), and I was able to complete school. I had problems with severe anxiety and panic attacks and he prescribed meds that really helped me cope. I also had problems with severe mood swings, depression and symptoms of bipolar disorder - though he never gave me a formal diagnosis. He said that it was more important to try treat the symptoms that I had than to label a disorder without additional testing - which I agreed with because I couldn't afford testing at the time. I had conflicting symptoms that made it difficult for him to diagnose me.

There were times that seeing him caused me anxiety, though, because being able to access mental health meds can be really scary and it's hard to feel entirely comfortable telling a doctor all of your "problems". Seeing any doctor causes me anxiety, but I thought it was worth mentioning as a warning to those that struggle with anxiety too.

I had a lot of conflicting emotional health issues and sometimes we were confused with what treatment methods to use/continue for me, but I have this issue with my new psychiatrist as well so it may not be a fault of Dr. Nash's and I don't hold it against him. Sometimes I would be told that I was doing "good enough", when I was still suffering quite a bit, but to be fair, I was fairly functional and he highly advocated long term therapy which I did not have access to at the time. Now I do, and it is more effective than the purely medicinal route, like he said. My conclusion with him was that medicine is not effective at treating my depression. We tried at least 8 medicines that I stopped taking after a trial basis because they were not a good fit, but 3 of the meds he tried have really helped improve my quality of life. Over time, he took away my ADHD medications, because of other health issues I have, which was/still is very trying for me because they have a huge impact on my day to day life and well being. I am not sure if I should be upset with him about it because his concerns were valid (I have polycystic kidney disease and my already high BP was being negatively affected).

We ended up terminating our arrangement because I found a psychiatrist that my insurance covers at the place where I do long term therapy now. Overall, I am grateful for my experiences with him and he really saved me from a lot of emotional suffering with the treatment plans he tried for me. He was always nice, tried to be as helpful as he could, and even when we had our issues, he always tried to be accommodating to what was in my best interest. I tried to be as thorough as possible and outline all of the troubles we had, I hope others can find this review helpful.

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