Cecelia Quinn, MA, MSW, LCSW

The Kedzie Center


Categories:   Adolescent Therapy, Case Management, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Eating Disorders, Family Therapy, Group Therapy
  • Informed Consent / ICATH Provider   Yes

  • ADA/Wheelchair Accessible   Yes

  • Sliding Fee Scale   Yes


The mission of the Kedzie Center is to provide accessible, high-quality and culturally-informed mental health care to North River residents through the integration of clinical practice, education, and evaluation, as informed by the community and in collaboration with local residents and partners.

Cecelia Quinn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with both a Masters of the Arts in Women’s Studies and a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. She is also a PhD candidate and an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago in the School of Social Work. She received a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan from 2002-2004 and has studied and worked throughout Latin America and other parts of the world. She has received advanced training in women’s issues, domestic violence, immigration issues, and trauma.

  Populations Served

Adults, American Indian, Asexual, Asian & Pacific Islanders, Black ...

Mon, Weds 10am to 6pm

Tues, Thurs 10am to 8pm

Friday 10am to 5pm

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1 review on 05/04/2016



Review: luxxk on 05/04/2016

The Kedzie Center is an amazing place, it's the first and only mental health clinic in Chicago that is funded by property tax by the residents of it's service area. Because of that, though, you must live within their service range to receive their services. When I first started there, all therapy was free for people in their service area, I am unsure if that is still true though. I believe my insurance is billed now, but I have no co-pay. I also believe they offer free services to those that need them. I should have double checked on that but I am sure they would be happy to tell you if you contact them.

I've been seeing Cecelia as my therapist for several months now. I hopped around about 5 limited session therapists from my school, the BYC and Howard Brown. Cecelia was my first affordable opportunity for a long term therapist. She's amazing and I am so grateful to have found her. I recommend everyone within her service area seeking therapy or social worker services to give her a chance!

I am white, trans masculine/ftm/genderfluid, survivor of sexual assault and childhood trauma, poor, and probably some other stuff too. She's been nothing but affirming. Although I cannot directly attest, I have been told that she is highly competent in working with POC and latinx communities. She is fluent in English and Spanish. I believe she has patients of all ages. I chose a lot options on the population's served portion because I feel as though the Kedzie Center, particularly Cecelia, is/would be competent in professionally working with folks from any background or identity, especially because they serve all North River residents and it's a pretty diverse area.

I chatted with her about how she identifies as a therapist, and she said she first and foremost identifies as a feminist therapist. She also used the phrases ecological systems theory, international feminism, trauma informed therapy, psycho dynamic psychotherapy, and some cbt if needed/requested by the patient. Essentially, she believes in you having the control to direct your own therapy and she does what she can to meet your needs. It's pretty amazing and validating.

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