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Categories:   Body Shaping Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Facial Feminization, Feminizing Bottom Surgery, Masculinizing Bottom Surgery, Masculinizing Top Surgery
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A native New Yorker, Dr. Ting received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Juilliard School of Music. He attended medical school at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He received his General Surgery Training at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. He then completed his Plastic Surgery Training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a fellowship in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

Dr. Ting performs research in the areas of peripheral nerve regeneration and facial nerve reanimation. His clinical interests are cosmetic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, and hand surgery. He has special competency in microsurgical reconstruction following trauma or cancer surgery, and in surgery of the hand and upper extremity.

Dr. Ting performs the following procedures: RFF Phalloplasty (2 -stage), Metoidoplasty (with or without urethral extention), FTM Top Surgery, FFS, Trach Shaves, Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty, Breast Augmentation, and the removal of free silicone.

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Mount Sinai Hospital. Mount Sinai Queens

  Populations Served

  • FTMs / Trans Men
  • MTFs / Trans Women

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1 review on 01/23/2018



Review: Isaac on 01/23/2018

I had a very poor experience with Dr. Ting and his staff.

Dr. Ting:

I was told that Dr. Ting would be training with Dr. Medalie, and that Dr. Medalie would be doing part-time work in NYC. This information was a misrepresentation of Dr. Medalie's role, and specifically sought this route for surgery with the understanding that he would be training Ting on his peri technique. Dr. Ting made a lot of promises during my consult, and breaking HIPAA laws by texting a picture he took on his phone directly to Medalie without my expressed consent. Ting seemed more interested his convenience in than either maintaining confidentiality or respecting my privacy.


Prior to the assessment: I called to be put on a wait list for a consultation. I called in March 2016, was called back for a consultation in August 2016 and scheduled surgery for September 2016.

During the assessment: Dr. Ting assumed that I was heterosexual and did not ask me actual questions about my sexual orientation when discussing my medical history. I had to assert myself to get through that he was misrepresenting me on my chart.

Staff experience: I had to hassle Dr. Ting's staff to handle my insurance precertification, anticipating a denial. They waited until three weeks prior to surgery to submit my request to my insurance, which left me no time to appeal had I needed it. 12 days before surgery, I was told that Dr. Medalie would not be doing my surgery and that Dr. Ting would be the sole provider. I asked to be rescheduled when Dr. Medalie would be in residence. The office never called me back to reschedule, and had I not gone elsewhere, I likely would not have top surgery right now.

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