Colin Peters, LCSW

Chicago Harm Reduction Therapy Center


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The Chicago Harm Reduction Therapy Center, CHRTC was started in 2014 by Colin Peters and Erica Ernst. We're both clinical social workers and certified addiction counselors. We saw a dire need in the Chicago area for an alternative to the all or nothing approach to "addiction" treatment. As such, we do recognize that the 12 step or Disease model doesn't apply meaningfully to everyone. We also recognize that our sources of unhappiness and happiness alike, and our sense of meaning are complex and involve work, home, significant relationships, emotional experiences, including trauma, and our means of coping on a daily basis.

We are a sex positive and diversity positive practice. Sponsor of the Chicago Area's only current Moderation Management, MM / Harm Reduction Moderation Support, HAMS group. While these programs identify predominantly with alcohol usage, this group is open to all substances and routs of admission. Problematic relationships with food, gambling, and sex are not excluded.

  Populations Served

Adults, Experiencing Homelessness, FTMs / Trans Men, In Recovery, ...

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