Amy Altenhaus, Ph.D


Categories:   Adolescent Therapy, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Psychological Evaluation / Assessment


I am Amy Altenhaus, Ph.D, an experienced, eclectic licensed psychologist who has performed a range of psychotherapy and assessment services over the years.

The focus of my practice is on relationships, parenting, and life transitions.

I perform family court evaluations using a family systems approach that looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both parents as it impacts on the best interests of the children in the family. I also look at family estrangements as either an evaluator or treating therapist.

Recently, I updated my training in career planning and assessment to help individuals at all stages of their career. I work with those starting out in their career to experienced career changers wanting to look at other options. We work together to identify career goals and identify what gets in the way of achieving your goals. This is done through interviewing and career assessments to help you take charge of your career.

Some of my areas of expertise include:

Psychotherapy with adults, adolescents and children as well as couples.

Career and Vocational Counseling and Assessment

Divorce and Co-Parenting/Custody Issues

Forensic Psychology

Custody/Parenting Time Evaluations

Court Ordered Evaluations and Therapy

  Populations Served

  • Adults
  • Children (under 18)
  • Partners / Family
  • Youth (ages 11-24)

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