Daniel Blumrosen, MA, LMFT


Categories:   Adolescent Therapy, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy
  • Sliding Fee Scale   Yes


I am an out trans male psychotherapist who is committed to supporting trans individuals in accessing the care they deserve and need. I am client centered, am not a gate-keeper (though I will write letters for hormones or surgery for as long as those remain barriers to care), and stay up to date about current medical options and socio-political issues that are relevant to trans communities. I work hard for my clients but am also available more generally to assist community members and families who are not currently in my care - to access care. I integrate an awareness of neurodiversity into my work and although I do not speak Spanish, have referrals available for clients who need a Spanish speaking clinician.

I serve the Bay Area, but most specifically North and South Santa Cruz County.

  Populations Served

Adults, Children (under 18), FTMs / Trans Men, MTFs / Trans Women, ...

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