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We understand that choosing a doctor can be a difficult and worrisome task. The doctor-patient relationship is a bond of trust, openness, and compassion and therefore remains one of the most important decisions a person can make. Here at Desert Jewel Obstetrics & Gynecology, we are committed to your personal needs and offer our patients the highest standard and quality of medical care. Dr. Courtney Hunt and Dr. Kim Hartzfeld are attentive and thorough with each and every patient. Their philosophies and approach to healthcare is unique in that they believe in personally attending to your care while taking the time to get to know you and answer all of your questions. We sincerely wish to welcome you to our family and invite you to contact us today so that we may offer you the dependable, trustworthy care that you have been searching for and deserve to call your own.

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Greenbaum Surgical Center in Scottsdale


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1 review on 09/08/2016



Review: Raven on 09/08/2016

I started seeing Dr. Hunt for gyn care during transition from female to male. I had Essure sterilization and Assure endometrial cauterization done with her, and consulted with her on the timeline for whether I could overlap my previous birth control method (Mirena IUD) with beginning testosterone HRT. I will likely go back to her if/when I am ready for a hysterectomy, and continue to see her for routine screenings.

Dr. Hunt and everyone on the staff are helpful and kind and handled the pronoun change when I legally changed that over very smoothly and professionally. There was a spot of trouble with insurance after I legally changed my name, and so I got a few bills from them I shouldn't have, but they did eventually get it cleared up and were quite patient and willing to work with me while I filed a DHHS OCR claim against my AHCCCS plan and went through the AHCCCS appeal and grievance procedure over it. She also outsourced her billing, which has helped resolve the problems I ran into.

The practice decor is typical for an OB/GYN office, with blow up pictures of babies on the walls in the waiting room, pink everywhere, etc., but don't let it throw you. They are very friendly and professional.

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