Kari Stewart, ARNP

First Help Urgent Care Clinic


Categories:   Feminizing Hormones, Internal Medicine, Lab Work, Primary Care, Urgent Care
  • WPATH Standards of Care   No

  • ADA/Wheelchair Accessible   Yes

  • Sliding Fee Scale   No


First Help has five different locations. Ms. Stewart works at the Polk City location every week day except Thursday. Call ahead to make sure she's there. They take a variety of insurances, including Medicaid.

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1 review on 09/29/2016



Review: Theron on 09/29/2016

I go here for maintenance treatment. I cannot say whether or not they will prescribe HRT if you are not already on HRT. My experience has only been with Mr. Nathaniel Allen, PA-C (who I understand no longer works at this particular location), Tommy Louisville, MD (the owner and who I believe works at the Winter Haven location), Ms. Frances Cook, ARNP-C (who moved to Montana), and Ms. Kari Stewart, ARNP. Ms. Stewart believes in taking labs and no refills, so expect to be going to her more frequently. Ms. Stewart is very friendly and seems non-judgemental. I have never encountered the lady that works on Thursdays though and I haven't heard any good things about her, so try to avoid going there on Thursdays until I can update this review with my experience with her.

I'm sure those that live close enough to go to this location are already aware that Polk City is a bit of a smaller town, so don't expect treatment from those other than Ms. Stewart to always be positive. Also, the intake nurses are a hit or miss. Sometimes you get one that treats you like it's no sweat, sometimes you get one that gives you the vibe like they think you just landed from outer space.

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