Ing Swenson, LCSW

Center On Halsted


Categories:   Individual Therapy
  • Informed Consent / ICATH Provider   Yes

  • WPATH Standards of Care   Yes

  • ADA/Wheelchair Accessible   Yes

  • Sliding Fee Scale   Yes


Trans affirming and LGBTQ friendly psychotherapist.

  Populations Served

Adults, American Indian, Asexual, Asian & Pacific Islanders, Black ...

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2 reviews over 01/11/2017 to 07/30/2018



Review: Colt Colt on 07/30/2018

Ing is good for writing surgery letters for Trans and gender-nonconforming people. He does not gate keep. He will write you any letter you need in a timely fashion. However, I do not recommend Ing Swenson if you want to see him for a reason that is not related to trans issues or things that you need in regards to being trans. Ing isn't always super reliable. He goes on a lot of vacations. I was seeing him one time and he went on vacation for over a month out of the country and I had a medical Mental Health Emergency and I had no way of contacting him at all. Normally, therapists are supposed to give you a contact if they are gone for a long period of time, and he neglected to do so. I checked myself into a mental health facility short-term because I was in crisis and he was unavailable and he ended up actually using that against me. I often felt like he prioritized his vacations rather than his clients mental well being. If you have something more severe than depression, I don't think you will feel validated by seeing him unfortunately. He can improve by increasing his harm reduction approach. As for his practice location, I am not a huge fan. Ing used to work at a private practice called Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy. Ing now only practices at Center On Halsted for therapy. I feel like Center On Halsted doesn't really value their clients as much as his other practice did. His other practice was more laid-back and I really felt like they cared more about their clients feelings where he used to work. Center on Halsted has some weird rules now where you're only allowed to see your therapist there for about 25 sessions. This is a brand new rule. The thing with the 25 session rule is if your therapist doesn't like the progress you're making, he she or they will drop you without question. They don't care if you disagree with the decision. They'll just tell you to have a nice life. I saw Ing for multiple years and that's the reason I don't see him anymore. The new rule is really problematic. I have personally voiced this concern to him but he does not care. He is also the director of Behavioral Health at Center on Halsted and was responsible for making this rule. I feel like power has got to him. He used to be a lot more considerate and caring. Of course, your mileage may vary based on your needs and what not. I really do not enjoy writing negative reviews about people. I always try to work out any kind of situation before writing non positive reviews, but unfortunately he wasn't receptive or willing to accept any kind of feedback regarding this.

Review: Colton on 01/11/2017

Trans and LGBTQ affirming therapist. Accepts sliding scale if uninsured.

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